Moe! Ninja Girls Walkthrough Season 3


***Checkpoint 3.8***
Premium Story: [Throw] Pink Fylfot Shuriken – 100 Jewels
Normal Story: [Throw] Pink Four-Pointed Shuriken – 50 Jewels/500 Niney

***Soul Checkpoint 4.?***
Required Soul: 3000

***Checkpoint 5.7***
Premium Story: [Bomb] Silver Grenades – 200 Jewels
Normal Story: [Bomb] Black Grenades – 150 Jewels/2500 Niney

***Checkpoint 6.3***
Premium Story: [Gem] Deep Green Jade – 400 Jewels
Normal Story: [Gem] Yellow Amber – 300 Jewels/4000 Niney

***Soul Checkpoint 7.?***
Required Soul: 6000

***Checkpoint 8.2***
Premium story: [Arm] Red Ninja Sword – 500 Jewels
Normal story: [Arm] Black Ninja Sword – 400 Jewels/7000 Niney

***Soul Checkpoint 9.5***

Required Soul: 10000

***Checkpoint 10.4***
Premium Story: [Amulet] Pink Mosquito Coil Pig – 600 Jewels
Normal Story: [Amulet] Green Mosquito Coil – 500 Jewels or 10000 Niney

Chapter 1:

No, no… You see… – AKARI
Of course not! – ENJU
I need to think of something,

Tell her the truth. – ENJU
Where’s Akari gone? – AKARI
It’s nothing.

I don’t want to lie to Akari. – AKARI
What do you think, Enju? – ENJU
This isn’t just my decision to make.

Chapter 2:

Their ninja costumes are too revealing.
It’s important that we stay hidden. – AKARI
I want everyone to enjoy the ninja seeking club. – ENJU

Maybe it is possible….
I’m not that stupid. – AKARI
You must be joking. –  ENJU

Marvelous…simply marvelous…
Here, Akari. Take my hand! – AKARI
Here, Enju. Take my hand!  – ENJU

Chapter 3:

Maybe she’s started a naughty job.
I want to trust in Tengge-san. – AKARI
Let’s go and find out. – ENJU

We’ve go similar backgrounds. – ENJU
You should tell Akari that, too. – AKARI
So that’s why you’re so hard-headed.

You won’t defeat me that easily. – AKARI
I don’t want to look bad. – ENJU
This is no good, let’s run!

Chapter 4:

Let Tengge use her feminine wiles.
Play hardball with him. – ENJU
Ask him nicely. – AKARI

…Thanks. – ENJU
You’re very kind. – AKARI
Favor for a favor. Is that it?

Just put your back into it. – AKARI
…Show her, Enju. – ENJU
All you need is guts!

Chapter 5:

That certificate is as good as yours! – AKARI
I hope all goes well. – ENJU
So we’re going on a field trip?

It’s safer if we stick together. – ENJU
Immediatly let go.
Let’s see what Akari’s doing. – AKARI

I’d love to hear you sing again. – AKARI
It was… Very unique.
What about you, Enju? – ENJU

 Chapter 6:

Go, Akari! Fly high! – AKARI
Say something, Enju! – ENJU
Now’s my chance…To look up her skirt!

Be sexier! Show off your bust!
You’re so cute! – AKARI
I can’t watch any more… – ENJU

You did great, Akari. – AKARI
It means one more item for the record. – ENJU
Johnny’ll be picking up the bill!

Chapter 7:

That’s too much.
I understand her concern, but… – ENJU
But do YOU want to quit, Akari? – AKARI

She seems like a nice person. – AKARI
Like Enju said, leave it to her. – ENJU
…Shoot, my stomach hurts!

We need you around, we all do. – AKARI
We need you around…For Enju. – ENJU
To keep this club going.

Chapter 8:

We’re in serious trouble. – ENJU
Akari needs our help. – AKARI
It’s Johnny. He missed you.

…That cleavage, though!
You make a cute maid, Akari. – AKARI
You make a dignified maid, Enju. – ENJU

The ninja seeking club means everything.
Whatever you choose, I support you. – AKARI
We worked hard to get this club started. – ENJU

Chapter 9:

Just be sincere. – AKARI
We could try seducing her.
A proper explanation should do. – ENJU

We’ll make sure she gets the message, John.
Just leave it to me. – AKARI
I’ll leave the explaining to you, Enju. – ENJU

Girls have such soft hands.
Gently squeeze her hand. – AKARI
Act natural. – ENJU

Chapter 10:

It looks good on you. – AKARI
It seems a little tight. – ENJU
It should be a bit more revealing…

Was that… – ENJU

One more time! – AKARI

This could be dangerous. – AKARI
That’s not something we should be doing. – ENJU
What does everyone think?