i failed

My sister warned me. He was ambitious, always looking ahead. I admired that trait of him, no one could hold him down, chains of steel rusted to dust against him. She told me to be careful. I didn't listen. He left without a second thought. "You've done enough!" I remembered shouting at him, trying desperately … Continue reading i failed


The Fool’s Love

"Ahh..." She cried, "Now, I know my fate." Falling to her knees, she looked at him with tears falling from her eyes. "The love we lived." "Lived on in my own paintings." Her voice turned to a mere whisper as she dejectedly dropped her head to the floor. "Why then, do you stay?" "Cecil," He … Continue reading The Fool’s Love

A Dream

Stuck in a never ending game of death and gore. I humored my  friends when they said I was stuck in a delusion. I trusted them because I couldn't trust myself. Precious already fell victim to the doll's curse. Manipulation of memories. My memories from entering the game replaced. Discerning truth from lies…How can I … Continue reading A Dream

What ifs

Silently, he enters the room. His face was blank but it morphs to a smile as he sees the others. He cozes with the others quickly, laughing as the rest starts to enter the conversation. Soon, the topic's turned differently from what he started. He blinks, his smile faltering. He laughs, forced as he excuses … Continue reading What ifs