Hyperdimensional Neptunia Rebirth 1 (Tips)

Hyperdimensional Neptunia Rebirth:1

Not really a walkthrough but it should provide some information you need..

According to other guides that you need to reach Chapter 7 in order to get the plans to unlock the Goddess Candidates Characters.
In my case the plans won’t pop out even though I had 30% shares on one land. It showed up when I finished Chapter 7 and
Proceeded to Chapter 8.


To get the True Ending you have to get 20% on all shares except “Others” before you enter the last and Only dungeon that appears
in chapter 8 otherwise you’ll get the normal end. (Suggest saving before entering the last dungeon)


Your items and Levels (and some plans) will be carried over to Newgame+. But you’ll have to unlock each character again before using them
Except the Goddess Candidates. They stay wherever you go.

You can finish Newgame+ in 2-3 hrs if you plan replaying it again.

If you’re going for the platinum trophy I suggest you do the 100m credits first before the lvl 99 to all characters.
You’re going to need a blank disc that can handle a lvl 5 red chip for grinding levels and credits. You can get it from:

  • Large medal I from Belgarion at Gunbreak Underground Cavern
  • Large medal N from Peacock at Naasne Volvano
  • Large medal O from Viral Mareshimono at Fantasy zone
  • Large medal T from Clione at Yukawa Ruins
  • Large medal U from Clione at Zeca Ruins .2
  • Large Medal X from Fake Purple Heart (Story Boss)
  • Others can be obtained from quests.



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