Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth:1 Game Review

Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth:1 



Is actually a weird game with a goofy story and bunch of moe characters. The story is actually not that great if compared to other well known JRPG’s. but it can be fun
if you’re into random funny stories and characters that likes to break the fourth wall. The characters are good and likeable (the only reason why I kept on playing) but as for
their goal and how the story progress is very confusing and it’s like you’ll know how it will end halfway in the game. Some character’s backgrounds are unknown from the start
and till the end the only explanation for those characters is that they knew Neptunia (Main character) from another dimension. The story so far didn’t explain what that
dimension is and how they can travel through it. Not sure if ever it will be explained. Overall it’s a mess if you really think about it.

Rating: 5/10



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The gameplay is actually good. In battle there’s these 3 basic attacks called “Rush” “Break” “Power” different uses for different tactics. Skills have their pros and cons meaning
that it doesn’t mean that you got a skill from lvl 20 is better than the one you got from lvl 5 (just an example). You also need to consider hit counts and other things that
I didn’t really pay much attention to.

The first levels are hard because you’re still trying to figure out how to play the game but midway it’s easy. The final boss in the game didn’t really feel like a final boss
by the time I was facing it.

There are other things to such as “Plans” “Shares” that can drastically affect the game. As “Plans” can be acquired from dungeons and from talking to people in the map. make sure
to check these out always.

Rating 7/10




Nothing special really. The BGM aren’t really that catchy, some doesn’t fit the mood since the story is really goofy you don’t know if the event is something serious or not.
The background kinda always reused no matter what dungeon you are in. Some dungeons also contain the same map the only difference is the name,enemies and items obtained.
The Character art is really attracting and especially the Visual Arts (Pictures, Not sure if the term I used is correct).

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Rating 4/10


The game itself is not really one of those games that toys with your emotions. It’s very shallow, Unlike other games that really reels you in with emotions and interest through it’s music or it’s unpredictable story something that attracts you to play it more.
You can finish the day in something like 28 hours of game time. If you’re a completionist and aiming for that Platinum Trophy it’ll be one hell of a grind. HDNR:1 is not really
a game that I recommend but it’s still worth the play if you feel like playing something random and goofy and cute I suppose. I enjoyed playing it but I was not really
dived into it since sometimes I skip some scenes because some are pointless in the story (fanservice). A quick game if you’re not the one that plays games with the “feels”.
I’ll give it a 6/10 rating just because I liked the characters and genuinely laughed at some scenes. (Will play the other parts but i’ll not prioritize it)

Rating Overall: 6/10


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