A Century on the Train and She Left

I stood up, unsteady on my feet which was much to my chagrin. The thought of you gone still haunted me at that time. Your everything was my entire life and it took so long for me to accept that. I stumbled to the doors. The train’s presence was a comfortable anchor for the two of us that it made me feel nostalgic to leave it.
My first step out the train, my senses were bombarded with stimulus. The flashing lights, the once-familiar noise of a bustling city. My eyes were wide open, my mind scrambling to dig up memories before I entered the forsaken train.
A whistle, as I turned around. The train was black, the windows lined with plastic gray like the walls of its compartments. It felt different somehow, different from before I entered. How is that possible?
Before I knew it, the world’s color started to fade. A step back. The sound of static met my ears and I saw it. The cracks on everything around me. A crack on the train… The sky and anywhere and anything that I once considered mine.
It was horrifying, my chest ached. My breathing grew more needy. I whipped my head around, trying to know, trying to see what was happening. Nothing. It was spreading, fragments of pieces falling down from the sky.
I ran. Ran to wherever my feet could take me.
The train broke down. I don’t know. It just collapsed. How is that possible? I stepped out and the world went to hell? No, no. I won’t accept that. The girl, the woman, the other. My significant other, was she oKaY-
“Ah!” I jolted upright, panicked and in an unfamiliar place. Where…is this?
I blinked and watched with increasing horror as to where exactly I am. I was laid on top of corpses. Literal sheemed corpses.
“Eep!” I took my hand away when I heard it squelch against the soft flesh. 

They were not decaying. No, they were still fresh but still not decayed.
“How? Dumping a mountain of these, some should have started to decay…” I muttered to myself, taking conscious breaths all the way.
“Gharl, jamac feila yeuip?” I restrained a yelp when I heard that. What in the world of whatsits is that?
It was her, but not her. Unlike the clothes she wore before, it was staggeringly elegant and plain at the same time. A gown of deep black as she strode towards me. I almost fell back from said mountain when she gripped my hand.
‘This isn’t a human hand,’ I thought quickly. It was like a clump of veins covered by human skin. Cool to the touch but it shouldn’t be like that. My hands were warm, not transferring to the other’s appendage.
“You,” she spoke. Her voice was mellow as I thought it would be. It held a distinctive sharp tone to it however and made me tense. “Who are you?”
“That’s my question.” I replied, her expression was curled on itself. She was frowning.
“Nevermind, my name’s,” the sound was drowned out by the explosions from afar. She quickly gripped my hand and quickly jumped straight down to the bottom. I tried not to scream like a baby, especially when I was almost falling on the air by the way we dropped.
I should have felt pain when we landed but no, it was more like a bouncy castle compressed if that made sense.
“Come on, we need to get someplace safe!”
“But, where is safe?” I looked up and saw a missile dropping down on us. It was locked. On us. ON US.
My body clenched in fear but she quickly moved, her hand morphed to a black tendril as it wrapped around the missile. You made it look like one of those traditional slingshots as you flung it back to them. 
“Who are you?” I asked once again. It was amazing, seeing her do that. Her tendrils turned back to hands and she looked at me.
“I’m a Ryula, an alien in your human terms.” She said, looking around before setting her gaze on me. “Are you…the one from my dream?”
A dream. I looked at her eyes, recognition and desperation. She was also slightly unsure of herself as she continued to look at me.
“Yes.” My mouth spoke before my brain even registered. “I am he and you are she.”
“We don’t have genders but,” She fidgeted. “The time at the train made me assume one.”
“Xe, then.” 
“Xe?” She cocked her head to the side and I refused to gush at that.
“For non-binary people. No genders” I smiled at her. “You said a safe place?”
“Oh!” She exclaimed. “Um, yea. Here!”
She gripped my hand again as I relished that moment. In the midst of a battlefield. Bombs, gunfire and explosions around us. I may not know much but I know her. My head’s whirring with questions but I’ve no need to answer them. 

We’ve met and no more words are needed to be said.


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