Moe! Ninja Girls Walkthrough Season 4


Checkpoint 3.8
Premium Story: [Gem] Blue Sapphire – 200 jewels
Normal Story: [Gem] Light Blue Sapphire – 150 jewels/2500 niney

Checkpoint 4.6
Required Soul: 3500
Special chance: Pass the checkpoint within 24 hours and get Box x1

Checkpoint 5.10
Premium Story: [Scroll] Red and White for Rituals – 300 jewels
Normal Story: [Scroll] White for Rituals – 150 jewels or 2500 niney

Checkpoint 6.9
Premium Story: [Amulet] Red Arrow Against Evil – 400 jewels
Normal Story: [Amulet] Blue Arrow Against Evil – 300 jewels or 4000 niney

Checkpoint 7.?
Required Soul: 7000
Special chance: Pass the checkpoint within 24 hours and get Good EXP Juice x1

Checkpoint 8.9
Premium Story: [Bomb] Gold Spinning Flamethrower – 500 jewels
Normal Story: [Bomb] Wodden Spinning Flamethrower – 400 jewels or 7000 niney

Checkpoint 9.?
Required Soul: 12000
Special chance: Pass the checkpoint within 24 hours and get [Gem] Black Onix with Dragon Carving x1

Checkpoint 10.5
Premium Story: [Food] Large Fried Noodle Hotdog – 600 jewels
Normal Story: [Food] Small Fried Noodle Hotdog – 550 jewels or 12000 niney

Chapter 1:

Okay. I’ll give you a personal lesson. – MYU
Understood. I’ll do it. – RICKA
Why not take the day off?

Are you all right, Myu? – MYU
This trap, though. How cliche. – RICKA
You can get up now, John.

Why the Principal? – RICKA
It doesn’t matter now. – MYU
All’s well that ends well.

Chapter 2:

Scared of ghosts… Who would’ve thought? – RICKA
Likes scary movies… Who would’ve thought? – MYU
Might need a giant vacuum cleaner.

How gutsy. – MYU
There’s nothing in here. – RICKA
Ricka, look. On your shoulder…

You’ll be coming too. Right, Ricka? – RICKA
A hand-cooked meal from Myu… – MYU
I just hope we can catch that ghost today.

Chapter 3:

You’re only supposed to play an hour a day!
Myu, your cooking is delicious! – MYU
Fine, but I get to play first! – RICKA

Any ideas, Ricka? – RICKA
Any ideas, Myu? – MYU
Enju probably knows.

See anything suspicious? – RICKA
John, will you be serious?!
This doesn’t give us much to go on… – MYU

Chapter 4

Tengge just had more experience.
Ricka… You almost had her. – RICKA
You just need more training.

No shame in asking for help. – RICKA
Just do it for us. We need clues.
Did you want to watch them, Myu? – MYU

Carry Myu on my back. – MYU
Go ahead, Ricka.
But… where should I put my hands?!

Chapter 5:

Excellent work, Myu. – MYU
Kind of exciting, isn’t it?
Very dark… – RICKA

We should look around some more. – RICKA
We have all the clues we need now. – MYU
All right, we’re done here.

…You’ve been through so much. – MYU
Ricka can help you with that. – RICKA
Just train, until you can.

Chapter 6:

I’m counting on you, Myu. – MYU
Then I’ll count on you too, Ricka. – RICKA
I’m counting on you, Rabbit.

Ricka and I are in the same class, so… – RICKA
Myu is a kohai. I adore her. – MYU
If anything, I spend more time with you.

What am I supposed to do?
Give me a hand, Myu. – MYU
Carry her by myself, in my arms. – RICKA


Chapter 7:

You two will be all alone in that forest.
Are you sure your body can take it? – RICKA
We care about you. Don’t push yourself. – MYU

You sure seem to be enjoying them, Ricka. – RICKA
They’re good, they really are. – MYU
If only I had something to drink, too.

You can do it. I know you can. – RICKA
Don’t overdo it. We care about you. – MYU
Just… Don’t screw up.

Chapter 8:

You did great, Myu! – MYU
Your dead fish game is strong, Ricka. – RICKA
I’m just glad I didn’t end up in last place.

Will you be serious?!
Uh… M-Maid outfits! – RICKA
Um… Bunny girls! – MYU

You’ll be a great help, I’m sure of it. – MYU
This isn’t a game, you know.
All right, then.


Chapter 9:

Seems we’re all in, then.
Ricka. I believe in you. – RICKA
Myu. I’m counting on you! – MYU

Great work, Ricka! – RICKA
That takes care of that problem.
It’s all up to Myu now. – MYU

Ninja seeking club, assemble!
Show us what you got, Ricka. – RICKA
Don’t worry, Myu. You’ll be fine. – MYU

Chapter 10:

Proper intel will be vital.
Ricka, stand by for further instruction. – RICKA
I can’t thank you enough, Myu! – MYU

You can do it. I know you can. – RICKA
Quit getting so flustered.
Stop being so nervous.


I need a little fresh air.
Say, where’s Ricka? – RICKA
I need to find Myu and congratulate her. – MYU

Choose your ending:

Myu Sweet Ending
Total: 9 parts


Ricka Sweet Ending
Total: 9 parts


Normal Ending
Total: 8 parts



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