The Fool’s Love

“Ahh…” She cried, “Now, I know my fate.”

Falling to her knees, she looked at him with tears falling from her eyes. “The love we lived.”

“Lived on in my own paintings.” Her voice turned to a mere whisper as she dejectedly dropped her head to the floor. “Why then, do you stay?”

“Cecil,” He spoke. “This must not be your end.”

“I loved you so in my own way.” His face was blank, her tears still streaming as she realized how he strung her around nevertheless, she listened. “And now I know you’re worth the pain.”

He raised her with his own hand, gentle eyes meeting with shocked ones. “Let’s run, burn this place to the ground. Ah, forget all the miseries.”

Her sorrow turned to glee, ah, she sung and danced so happily. Not noticing the other’s ways, ways of dupes and mockery.


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