[Anime Review] Saekano Flat Season 2 Episode 4


Utaha not only Tomoya not giving her the answer she wants but got her script rejected by Tomoya. A similar scene happened on the first season but I had already forgotten how it happened.

But Utaha gave him also a choice at the last season whether he will accept that script or not as an ending for her work “Metronome in Love” which was in the preferance of Tomoya Aki.


Utaha then stayed at Tomoya’s home to work with Tomoya fixing the script she made into a story befitting to a game.

As Kato informed Eriri on the situation and also telling her that Utaha is staying in Tomoya’s house Eriri surprisingly kept her cool and explained how she symphatize Utaha as a Creator.

As Eriri hanged up it is shown that there are a lot of crumbles of papers in her room showing that Eriri isn’t making any progress on the artwork of the game.4

Tomoya selflessly decided that there will be three routes in their game which is the Harem route where Meguri and Ruri stays and everybody is happy.

This might also imply that Tomoya Aki chose the harem route for himself where they all successfully finish the game and stay together at the same time.

Utaha did not agree on her making the third route but gave Tomoya the duty of him making the story that he wanted. It’s his crazy idea afterall according to Utaha.


Utaha started to think about how the rejection from last time had no improvements till this day. She was able to accept the mistakes that Tomoya implied in her work but cannot deny the fact that her work was still rejected in the end.

6Utaha told Tomoya that this is not her work now, It’s “theirs”. So I have no idea why Tomoya went emotional all of a sudden. But this somehow changed their momentum on the game since last time Hashima told Tomoya that Rouge en Rouge’s story will have a winning chance since their facing Utaha which do things Solo.


Again Kato stealing the show at the last minute showing up as Ruri. Requested by Utaha that this time she wanted her character to be selected and told Kato that there’s still a chance for her to be chosen.



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