[Anime Review] Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 33

Last episode was epic especially Eren’s joint lock after joint lock after joint lock after joint lock attacks on Reiner. But in the end it gave us false hope, Eren almost successfully defeated Reiner if not for the Half Colossal Titan falling into them wiping half of Hange’s Unit thus sucessfully capturing Eren. (And Ymir, But who cares?)


It’s been a while since we saw Erwin and Jean. Jean is probably one of the best characters in my opinion.

Sasha and a person I don’t know reported to Pixis and Erwin the situation regarding Hange’s unit and also informing them about that there were 3 titan among their group.

Erwin’s group then rushes toward Hange’s unit to regroup.


Most of Hange’s unit were unconscious due to the steam and impact released by the Half Colossal Titan when he fell.

Mikasa was also shown unconscious due to the fall of the Colossal Titan.

After that a Flashback suddenly appeared..4

Random Time Consuming Flashback was shown where Eren tries to get Armin’s bread for his family back from a group of bullies and Hannes and some other Military Police being a waste of tax and useless.

Mikasa beat the shit out of those bullies.

But they weren’t able to stop Eren from harm as he chased after the running bullies even though Mikasa and Armin was apprehended by the non drunk Military Police.


After Mikasa came to she immediately tries to look at the surroundings and asses the situation involving Eren.

Mikasa was deeply saddened about Eren being taken away and his wherabouts unknown.

Mikasa and Armin talked about how Eren is distant from them. It’s always him that gets further more into trouble than them.7

That’s something that I would say.

Hannes then talked Armin and Mikasa out of their worrying and told them to have faith in Eren.

Hannes told them that “He never saw Eren got beat up and give up” he will give whoever his facing with hell before he goes down. Making them believe that Eren is still out there and kicking.

Determined to get the false peace and returning to a useless drunk soldier, Hannes told the two that He will go with them in the search for Eren.

The soundtrack in this scene awesome though

8Mikasa and Armin determined to move on and find Eren who they believe will not go down so easily.


Hange then with all her might thought about where they will be located considering Reiner and Bertholdt still exhausted from the fight in the last episode and Daytime giving Titans energy to move which will be a hindrance to them.

A search party was now formed to find Eren (Ymir too if you care) in a forest pointed by Hange. They have until night time before Reiner and Bertholdt advances.


Episode 33 wasn’t that much exciting as the last episode. Flashbacks took a lot of time in this episode and the talk between Hannes and the two was good but not really as exciting as a fight between titan shifters.

There was a short scene where Eren (Ymir too but does someone still care about her?) was with Reiner and Bertholdt. Meaning that the next episode could be an explanation on who Reiner and Berdholdt really are and why they are attacking Humanity.

Hoping the next one to have A LOT of explanation. AoT has MANY mysterious stuff happening such as the whereabouts of the Beast Titan.



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