[Anime Review] Saekano Flat Season 2 Episode 3

1This faceoff scene looks epic! Might be the most serious scene so far.


Nevermind…. Great going Kato.


After their faceoff. Tomoya was against Hashima (the brother) letting her sister Izumi in his Doujin circle because Tomoya wanted Izumi to shine because she believe that she has the talent to shine independently and did not expect Izumi to jump into a known circle such as Rouge en Rouge.

But it is later shown that Izumi decided to join Rouge en Rouge since it is the only way for her to compete with Eriri.


Epic Anime Fight

Eriri then accepts the challenge of Izumi but only because she’s against Rouge en Rouge and showing that she does not acknowledge her while she really does. (maybe?)


Iori Hashima stating that in terms of story, They wouldn’t lose knowingly their opponent will be Kasumi Utako. Iori using Tomoya’s words against him “Games are team effort” since Utaha is like a lone wolf when coming to creating stories that might be the case why Iori thinks that theirs will be more creative.


Utaha then called out Kato and agitatedly asked how Tomoya was doing and if he already picked a script to use which is also his decision for Utaha. Utaha also did not tell how important to her Tomoya’s decision is also stating that “It would all lose meaning if I were to tell you” meaning Kato is involved in the choice.


Tomoya confused by Iori’s words while reading Utaha’s script over and over again unable to tell if it’s good story for a game or not unless he reads it in a game.

Kato then all of a sudden becomes determined to help Tomoya to put Utaha’s story in a game for him to see the story more clearly.



After pulling an overnight they haven’t made much progress in the game.

Michiru then came and tricked her bandmates as instructed by Tomoya to help with the game.

All of the members were reluctant at first but then decided to help Tomoya to stop one of their member to go out with her date.


Eriri then lent Megumi laptops for the others to work.

A lot of scraps was shown inside Eriri’s house showing that not only the story has problems but also Eriri and her style after the encounter with Rouge en Rouge.


They were successfull in their work and Tomoya was able to find out what Iori meant by them not losing in terms of story (Which I don’t know what is) Tomoya then approaches Utaha to tell that he can’t choose between them because according to him that “it’s a shitty game”


A part of me was glad that Tomoya didn’t choose any of the script Utaha gave him. Him not choosing any makes room for new possibilities on what may happen because if he did pick one it’s like ending the story there as he already picked what will happen in the future.

I actually did not expect him to answer what he did since I was more focused on what may happen if he chose one choice or the other. So that was really relieving for me.

Michiru finally made an appearance and I started to like her because of her carefree attitude.

The part where they show Eriri having a lot of scraps in her room showing that she’s also having trouble with her part and might be crucial in the future episodes.



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