[Anime Review] DanMachi Sword Oratoria Episode 5


Dude who got murdered turned out to be alive

Another one of Lefiya’s unfortunate events where she was almost strangled to death if not for Aiz saving her again.

While Finn was examining the surroundings and the situation he came up with a theory that the whole attacked was staged by a Tamer nearby the area.

2I lied. The dead stays dead..this is soo fucked up..

Aiz immediately suspected him as the one who killed that guy in the last episode even though the murderer was suppose to be a female.

The culprit rips off his facade face revealing her identity and claiming that she was the one responsible for the murder.

The two engaged in a fight with Lefiya backing up Aiz. it is shown that the red haired culprit really is on par with Aiz. If not even stronger.

3Fokin stopped Lefiya’s spell with her hand…

Red haired girl showed what she’s made of by fighting both Aiz and Lefiya at the same time.

While Lefiya was casting her second spell. Red haired Tamer rushes towards her forcing Aiz to use her Tempest to save Lefiya.

As Aiz went to Lefiya’s side the seed (round glass alien like shit) somehow reacted to Aiz’s tempest turning red whilst on Lefiya’s bag

Red haired tamer also recognizes Aiz’s magic and called Aiz “Aria” which is very familiar to Aiz.


As Aiz still has her tempest activated the alien like shit floated into the air and breaking it’s shell. the alien like shit ran toward a dead monster plant making it evolve into a new hideous monster.

After Loki confronted Uranus about the incident on Monsterphilia and letting Uranus know that Loki has some kind of idea that the Guild might be the cause of all of this In other words. Letting them know that she’s onto them. A strange hooded person appeared from the back of Uranus.

Which it’s identity is still unknown

7Riveria and the others managed to defeat the Evolved magic plant because of Riveria and Lefiya’s combo using Riveria’s magic as a decoy then firing up Lefiya’s to finish the work.

But Aiz’s fight did not turn out the same. Aiz was beaten up by the Tamer and was almost killed if not for Finn and Riveria saving her.

8Finn destroying red haired tamer

Finn is badass WTF!?! now I see why Tione is madly in love with him.

Finn tried to interrogate the red haired tamer whilst fighting her but the tamer did not leave any answers.


As they were resting from the hard fight they encountered Aiz dreamt about the same people Mama Aiz and Black haired hero.

It seems that Mama Aiz is the one whose name was “Aria” and from the looks of it. The black haired hero took away Aria from Aiz.10

Aiz then enraged that she saw someone stronger than her not only that but the red haired girl also knew something about her that triggered her to get more stronger.

Aiz selfishly requested to Finn that she would stay in the dungeon since she wants to grow more stronger for their next encounter.

Riveria supported Aiz’s idea for her to lash out her feelings and decided to stay with Aiz to look out for her.

Aiz and Riveria then encountered a floor boss which Aiz wanted to defeat by herself…

What we know so far:

  • Red Haired Tamer Stronger than Aiz, Knows a lot of things about Aiz
  • Red Haired Tamer wanted the Alien like shit egg
  • Alien like shit egg reacted to Aiz’s tempest
  • Plant monsters attracted to Aiz’s tempest
  • Combine 2,3 and 4: Alien like shit egg is connected to Aiz
  • Finn is Fokin badass.
  • The Guild is confirmed responsible of the accident in Monsterphilia and now plotting something

Just a little theory of mine:

Aiz said at the last season that she wanted to be stronger to be with a certain someone which I am assuming is not the Black haired guy but Aria the one who’s she’s always been in her dream.

The reason why she wanted to be stronger is because Aria might be holding something valuable and is being hunted by the same group as the ones responsible on the plant monsters. And the Black haired guy must be this “Hero” where his job is to protect Aria from those attacks.

In short.. Aiz wants to grow stronger so that she will be the one who will do the protecting for Aria.



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