[Anime Review] DanMachi Sword Oratoria Episode 4



Episode 4 started with a scene where this red haired girl (probably the one that Aiz was fighting in the opening) murdered this guy after having a great time with him.

Seems like the red haired girl was after this “weird” item that the male adventurer had mentioned of.


The sight of Heaven

2 Aiz appeared and the black haired Bell-like in the opening appeared. So it’s not Aiz in the opening where she thinks of that Black haired guy. That means Bell still haves a chance.

It’s still not clear whether that person is Aiz’s Mom or a sister of hers.

This flashback isn’t really a happy memory for Aiz. Small Aiz loses her happiness whenever the black haired guy appears. Might be because other Aiz will go with black haired guy and leaves Small Aiz.


Aiz after hearing the money she owes from breaking the loan sword

Aiz broke the sword that her blacksmith loaned her at the last episode whilst fighting the plant monsters.

Now she owes her blacksmith 40 million Valis.


Guy who was strangled at ther very first part

Aiz went to the dungeon to get started on earning money to pay her debt. Finn and the others accompanied Aiz for some carefree adventure.

When they decided to rent a room they saw Bors (IDK what Bors is) that told them that there’s trouble.

They saw a murdered man a level 4 adventurer and his face was too damaged for him to be identified.


Bete was left behind and was asked by Loki to be her escort as she investigates a sewer that could hold information about that mysterious plant animal that appeared on Monsterphilia.

Bete and Loki encountered a small flood that forced Bete to give Loki a Piggybackride.

Loki was teasing Bete about him giving Aiz a piggyback ride instead of her. Could be that Bete has a thing for Aiz6

Bete singlehandedly destroying the plant monsters

As expected, there are plant monsters hiding in the sewers, Bete singlehandedly beat the heck out of the plant monsters with the help of his Magic weapon that gave him fire magic in his attacks.

Before Bete and Loki encountered the plant monsters. Bete told Loki that there’s a scent that someone went to the sewers not long ago.


Nothing Suspicious here

Finn and the others gathered everyone in town in one place to hold an inspection to find the culprit behind the murder.

As everyone was busy goofing off Aiz saw a “Lili race that I forgot what it’s called” girl who is very terrified on the idea of inspecting everyone.

As the girl runs away. Aiz and Lefiya went after her.


Loki encountered Dionysus. Bete turned vigilant towards Dionysus since the scent he picked up earlier was Dionysus’s.

Loki then asked Dionysus about if he had something to do with the plant monster attack.

Dionysus claims that he had nothing to do with the plant attack on Monsterphilia. His scent was picked up by Bete because he too was also investigating about the plant monster attack which resulted the death of his 3 children (members in his familia).

Dionysus also told Loki that Monsterphilia was the perfect time to let monsters on the loose and blame it on the event. It gave Loki the idea that Ganesha was behind it but Dionysus told her that the cluprit might be the one who suggested Monsterphilia to be created at the first place. Which is “Uranus” according to Loki.

9Aiz terrified at the hatchling that they found with the girl

Lefiya and Aiz managed to catch the girl who was running away from them. And learned that she was involved on the quest mentioned by the man who was murdered earlier and is terrified of being killed.

Aiz then suggested that the girl surrendered the item to her and let them investigate it to find the murderer.

As Aiz and Lefiya takes a peek on the item they find a round glass with an alien like shit inside of it. I’m assuming it’s an egg. (I DIDN’T PUT A PICTURE OF IT, NO ONE WANTS TO SEE ALIEN LIKE SHIT PICTURE)

Aiz was suddenly terrified after the alien like shit opened it’s eyes and took a look at her. It seems like it’s connected to her past since she was the only one who was triggered by the alien like shit.


After Aiz recovered and Lefiya covers the Round glass suddenly more plant monsters appeared and attacks the city.

And the episode ends there…

What Episode 4 told us so far:

  • Bete likes Aiz? Maybe
  • Aiz’s Memories of black haired guy was not pleasant.
  • Killer has red hair, There’s a girl with red hair in the opening
  • The one who came up with Monsterphilia might be the one behind the monsters
  • Aiz terrified of an unknown hatchling. (might be her origins)
  • The one thinking about the Black haired guy is not Aiz.

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