[Anime Review] DanMachi Sword Oratoria Episode 3



Dionysus, Demeter and Loki at the God Banquet thing

An introduction of two characters which I assume haven’t appeared at the first season. Dionysus and Demeter. Dionysus might be an important character in the story since Demeter claimed that Dionysus is plotting something.

Loki and the others were talking about the Monsterphilia a festival that will take place in the episode and also the main purpose why they are having a banquet before the festival takes place.

The God Banquet thing serves as a meeting for the Monsterphilia on whether what should or what should not be done on the event to keep the festival safe.


Riveria the Mom of the Loki Familia

Aiz and Lefiya snuck out of their household in order to do some leveling up in the dungeon afterwards they find themselves caught by Riveria and scolded them for being out so late.

Loki then asked Aiz to be her escort for the Monsterphilia festival since Loki was about to meet up with another God/Goddess.


Seems like the Goddess Loki was supposed to meet up Freya. Freya was the reason behind Bell’s misfortunate events at the last season.

As Freya and Aiz’s eyes met there’s this look on Freya’s face that is implying that Freya is interested in not only by Bell but on Aiz too. Aiz also has this look on her face that she maybe had an encounter with Freya in the past.

Freya informed Loki that she was about to rile things up in the Monsterphilia because she wanted to see the talent of the young adventurer she took an interest in (Bell Cranel).


Aiz searching for the escaped monsters

Eina Tulle appeared in this episode, Not really important

As Aiz was being Aiz and singlehandedly slaughtering the escaped monsters a monster they havent’s encountered and identified appeared and attacked Lefiya and her group.


Where Lefiya’s Unfortunate adventure starts

Without their weapon the two Amazoness cannot attack the plants body due to it’s hardness.

The plant monster was able to counter Lefiya before she was able to cast her spell and is able to keep up with Aiz ‘s Tempest due to it’s attraction with magical powers


Using her weakness as her determination (Like Bell) Lefiya showed what she really is capable off (Like Bell) and was able to do the unexpected (Like Bell)

She shown her capabilities as a Mage and why people call her “Thousand Elf” Looks like she can combine all the element in one spell (Should be “Thousand Spells”).

Aiz also said that Her spell was on par with Riveria’s


After defeating the plant monsters. Dionysus was shown holding the weird magic stone that has been seen throughout the season.

All I know so far:

  • Dionysus knows something or is the cause of the plant monsters
  • Loki remains neutral even allowing Freya with her plans
  • Lefiya might be OP one day
  • Lefiya is very misfortunate that she was the only one injured at the accident.

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