Moe! Ninja Girls Walkthrough Season 2

Season 2:


***Checkpoint 3.4***
Premium:[Throw] Silver Three-Pointed Shuriken [100 Jewels]
Normal: [Throw] Silver Kunai [50 Jewels/500 Niney]

***Soul Checkpoint 4.3***
Required: 2000 Souls

***Checkpoint 5.6***
Premium:[Amulet] Black Ninja Heaband [200 Jewels]
Normal: [Amulet] Black Plain Headband [150 Jewels/2500 Niney]

***Checkpoint 6.5***
Premium:[Charm] Pink Shikigami [300 Jewels]
Normal: [Charm] White Shikigami [150 Jewels/2500 Niney]

***Checkpoint 7.7***
Premium: [Amulet] White Shirt Wood for Decoy [300 Niney]
Normal: [Amulet] Plain Wood for Decoy [150 Jewel/2500 Niney]

***Soul Checkpoint 8.5***
Required: 4000 Souls

***Checkpoint 9.6***
Premium: [Scroll] Red Gorfeous for Flames [500 Jewels]
Normal: [Scroll] Red for Falmes  [400 Jewels/4000 Niney]

***Soul Checkpoint 10.4***
Required: 6400 Souls

Chapter 1:

Ricka’s help will get us through this. – RICKA
Leave it to me. – MYU
I wonder if the scroll’s really in this school.

What are we going to be if we cosplay? – RICKA
Why don’t you try the seducing techniques? – MYU
Let’s do them all.

Ricka! – RICKA
Are you guys OK?
I’ll get you out of this! – MYU

Chapter 2:

Go home, Johnny
We have to carry on like normal – RICKA
Let’s enjoy club activities – MYU

How was it, Ricka? – RICKA
You can become a great ninja, Myu. – MYU
You might want to consider changing clothes when training.

I think Ricka would be a better trainer. – RICKA
It wouldn’t be good for Myu. – MYU
I’m a guy, so…

Chapter 3:

No, no, drink them yourselves!
OK, thanks Ricka. – RICKA
OK, thanks Myu. – MYU

You don’t think you can do it?
You’ll do fine, because I’m here – MYU
Ricka, you go on ahead – RICKA

Let’s go home, Ricka – RICKA
What a good job, Myu – MYU

Chapter 4:

Ask Ricka – RICKA
I’m worried about my kohai. So what? – MYU
Ah, look! a ninja!

Will you leave it to me? – RICKA
I’ll tell her that you were worried. – MYU
Maybe she’s hungry

They’ll punish you if you go back!
How would I explain this to everyone else?
because I’m worried about you. – RICKA

Chapter 5:

People just shouldn’t sacrifice themselves.
This isn’t your fault – RICKA
Myu will be sad if you are hurt. – MYU

It was all thanks to Ricka – RICKA
Yeah. Are you hurt? – MYU
It was thanks to the rabbit.

..Because of your smile. – RICKA
I don’t want you to worry your kohai. – MYU
because you’re an important member of the ninja seeking club.

Chapter 6:

Let it go & leave it all to me. – RICKA
That would put Myu in danger. – MYU
Lets think about this one more time.

How’s it looking, Myu? – MYU
How’s it going, Ricka? – RICKA

Myu…that looks tight. – MYU
How about me?
Ricka looks as great as I thought she would. – RICKA

Chapter 7:

I’m not interested in you guys.
Yeah, umm… – RICKA
You can trust me. – MYU

Ricka looks like she knows what she is doing. – RICKA
Why don’t you try it, Myu? – MYU
Maybe me…

Nah, now’s not the time for guilt.
We won’t let anyone blame you. – MYU
Please trust in Ricka & me. – RICKA

Chapter 8:

Run, guys!  – RICKA
Take Myu’s hand. – MYU
Leave this to me & go on ahead!

This way. Myu! – MYU
Ricka, let’s distract them! – RICKA
Everyone, split up!

The ceiling!
In the locker! – RICKA
Inside the teacher’s desk! – MYU

Chapter 9:

The early bird gets the worm. – RICKA
I’ll persuade Myu. – MYU

That nostalgic sensation…
You’re taking things the wrong way… – MYU
Sometimes that happens in a fight. – RICKA

Who do you think I am? – MYU
Well, there were a few things…. – RICKA
Because of how her boobs felt.

Chapter 10:

I’m ready.
I refuse to involve my kohai. – MYU
This isn’t just my problem. – RICKA

It’s because Myu is now a full-fledged ninja. – MYU
Nothing will come out of me by glaring at me like that
It’s because of Ricka. – RICKA

Just take it, Ricka. – RICKA
I’ll protect you, Myu. – MYU
I’m sure things will turn out fine.


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