Moe! Ninja Girls Walkthrough Season 1


***Checkpoint 3.3***
Premium: [Throw] Silver Shuriken [100 Jewels/1000 Niney]
Normal: [Throw] Silver Four-Pointed Shuriken [100 Jewels/1000 Niney]

***Checkpoint 4.6***

Premium: [Charm] Black and Gold Paper for Protection [100 Jewels]
Normal: [Charm] White Paper for Protection [50 Jewels/500 Niney]

***Soul Checkpoint 5.4***
Required: 600

***Checkpoint 6.6***

Premium: [Scroll] Red for Ninjas [200 Jewels]
Normal: [Scroll] Green for Monsters [100 Jewels/1000 Niney]

***Soul Checkpoint 7.6***
Required: 1500

***Soul Checkpoint 8.5***
Required: 2200

***Checkpoint 9.5***
Premium: [Arm] Silver Claws [300 Jewels]
Normal: [Arm] Black Claws [150 Jewels/2500 Niney]

***Checkpoint 9.5***
Premium: [Charm] Horsie Wooden Plaque [500 Jewels]
Normal:  [Charm] Plain Wooden Plaque [300 Jewels/4000 Niney]

Chapter 1:

The girl on the bike! – AKARI
The girl next to me! – ENJU
Which one should I choose?
I should ask Enju when I don’t understand something – ENJU
I wonder what Akari’s writing about. –AKARI
No, I should think about it for myself
Dodge to the side! AKARI
Put my hands out in front! – ENJU
Onward to paradise! – BEST CHOICE XD (I’m kidding don’t choose this it has no effect) 

Chapter 2:

What should I do?
Will you pick that up for me? – ENJU
I don’t want to owe Enju anything – AKARI
I’ll try to save face. – ENJU
What about John?
Honestly, I don’t have a clue. – AKARI
Go back to the dorm
Walk Akari home halfway – AKARI
Help Enju – ENJU

Chapter 3:

It’s just like Enju says – ENJU
Do you like ninjas, Akari? – AKARI
John, shut up!
But then again, we’re in the middle of a lesson (OKAY)
the lesson doesn’t matter – ENJU
We have to talk it out – AKARI
It wouldn’t be strange if they did exist – AKARI
There’s no way they exist – ENJU
What did you say?

Chapter 4:

It’s like Enju says – ENJU
Stare at Akari – AKARI
There are no ninjas alright?
Why are you going this far? – AKARI
You know.. – ENJU
Let’s go home
It can’t be helped.. – AKARI
How will I explain it to Enju? – ENJU
I’ve got to protect an innocent girl from these idiots!

Chapter 5:

I should try to distract her
I know what you’re trying to say, Enju – ENJU
Akari is serious – AKARI
Go save her – AKARI
Mighty energetic – ENJU
I’m jealous…

We’re glad to have you!
Good for you, Akari. – AKARI
Why don’t you go make up with Enju? – ENJU

Chapter 6:

What do you want to do, Akari? – AKARI
What are you going to eat, John?
Will you come with us, Enju? – ENJU

(Every choice has no effect)
You couldn’t possibly..
You like it that much?
I fell in love, too.

If you respect me, then let me massage your boobs. – ENJU
No, it’s thanks to you, Akari. – AKARI
It was Ricka who decided it.

Chapter 7:

Absolutely not!
It seems like I have no choice. AKARI

Ricka, help!

..It might look good on Akari. – AKARI
It’s not that I want to see it… – ENJU
Of course I wanna see it!

(No Akari, But Haven’t tested option 2)
I understand how you feel, but… – ENJU
Even so, you went too far.
You should just apologize to Akari.

Chapter 8:

Enju doesn’t hate you – ENJU
I’ll treat you to lunch – AKARI
John, let’s do something funny

Something homemade will express our feelings – AKARI
What’s a good place to take a girl? – ENJU
Sushi should do.

I should eat, too
I’m glad you’re feeling better. – ENJU
I was worried. – AKARI

Chapter 9:

Don’t push it too much
I trust you, Akari – AKARI
Go talk to Enju – ENJU

Talk to Akari – AKARI
Talk to Enju – ENJU
Talk to John

What do you think of me?
You really are kind, after all. – ENJU
Are you hiding your embarrassment? – AKARI

Chapter 10:

This soft feeling against my back..! – ENJU
This is….incredible!! – AKARI
Not bad, not bad.

Pass the task to Ricka
Let’s go looking for ninjas – AKARI
A drinking binge, maybe?

Toast to Akari, for how busy she’s been! – AKARI
Toast to Enju, for everything she’s done! – ENJU
A toast to me, for all my hard work!


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