[Anime Review] Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 32


Guess what Mikasa is about to say

After Reiner and Bertholdt were able to transform to titan mode the Survey corps prepares to fight the half Colossal Titan which is on the top of the walls.

Mikasa begins to think about why she was unable to slice up their heads when she would have been able to. Then a short flash of Reiner and Bertholdts horrified face appeared on her mind which maybe a sign that Mikasa was Reluctant about killing them.


I wonder why those two didn’t get squashed in the grasp of the Colossal Titan

Ymir and an Unfortunate soldier was captured and eaten by the Colossal Titan. They weren’t crushed by his teeth so there’s still a possibility that Ymir is still Alive.


Historia still looks beautiful even when horrified.

The Survey corps begin their attack on the Colossal Titan. While the Colossal Titan tried to fight back by swinging his gigantic arm the Survey Corps have the advantage due to the Colossal Titan moves very slow.

When the survey corps are about to head for the Colossal Titan’s nape suddenly….


The Colossal Titan begun to emit steam from his gigantic body not allowing the Survey Corps to advance and not allowing them to use their ODM gear near the steam forcing them to retreat.


Eren spun 3 times in the air afterwards

You know that thing where the MC’s are helpless and then he/she starts thinking about random things that will get them a new power to fight the bad guys.

Well that happened here but Eren still got his ass kicked after blabbering some things about Reiner. Flew 3 times in the air and then the half time break comes in which is very anti climatic and satisfying at the same time.

The Armored titan has this hard shells in his body including his face making him immune to Eren’s punches and Mikasa’s blade leaving Eren in a huge disadvantage.


 Until you turned into a Titan.

Annie’s one of my favorite character TBH still hoping for her to turn good one day 3

This scene was on the recap movie of the AoT (I think..) when Annie demonstrates a technique used when your opponent is physically stronger than you

Then an interesting but pointless scene comes when Mikasa challenges Annie on a duel (Which i’m still interested on who will win).


Eren performing the technique Annie showed him

While Eren was able to pull of the technique Reiner is still physically stronger than him. Eren was able to do break Reiner’s arm by doing joint lock after joint lock after joint lock.


Where Hange x Eren starts

Eren then falls back to the walls listening to the advice of Armin.

Hange then told Eren to device a plan and break Reiner’s legs to stall time so that Eren will not be captured. Eren obediently took her advice then Hange was awestrucked that she was able to communicate with a Titan.

Reiner then revealed that he can remove some of his armor in order for him to move more quicker as he tackles Eren.

Eren was able to beat the shit out of Reiner with his joint locks and Mikasa’s support. And when he was about to break Reiner’s neck….


My reactions is the same as Connie’s

Reiner with all his might dragged Eren to the spot where the Colossal Titan can freely fall his gigantic body.


This meme fits this scene.

What a way to leave us hanging…. What the HECK WILL HAPPEN!?! Will Eren finally die? I don’t see how Eren will survive in this situation or he might be captured instead..

Even if the two managed to capture Eren the reason why they want him in the first place remains unknown. And also this home thing that those two are always talking about also stays unknown. And also where did the Beast Titan go?

This episode might be one of the best episode in Season 2. The fight with Reiner is epic. The only thing dissapointing here is the 3 minute scene of flashback that was already in the Recap movie.

Things are starting to get really interesting I hope all the other episodes won’t let me down.


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