[Game review] “Seen”


“Seen” is a mobile game made by “Polychroma Games” similar to a Visual Novel type of game in a form of a facebook chat. It has no ingame music but the story can really get to you if you’re into romance or stuffs.

It’s a story about “Mark Blythe”(Name can be changed) and “Nicole Tyler” (Name can be change but needs to be purchased first)

The two of them became best friends after Nicole suffered a heartbreak from “Mike” her boyfriend that went with another girl before his date with Nicole.

Mark here stayed with his “bestfriend” Nicole and supported her while she’s still trying to move on and do what bestfriends do such as talking about various things and sharing their past and what they feel about the unknown future.

It stayed like that Until Mark suddenly…. Realizes his own feelings.


You cannot directly type what you want to say but the game will give you atleast 3 choices and will pop out a keypad with blank keys. The game requires you to type as if you are “Mark Blythe” but you can just randomly mash the keypad if you want.


While you randomly press keys in your keypad sometimes the main character will type what he really feels and delete it sending another message instead as a coverup of what he feels.

There is also an option called “Story Maker” that you have to purchase first which I assume that will let you create and upload a story of your own.

And if you can upload. I’m very sure you can also download stories from other people (I didn’t make an account so I haven’t tested yet). “Seen” is like Wattpad in a form of a game


I recommend changing the name of the Main character, Nicole too if you want. It will make it feel like you are the one in the story more which is the point of this game. I honestly liked the story. It’s simple nothing grand about it but it hit me.

The game is worth a try. it doesn’t take up too much time to read. It only haves like 5 Chapters I think. Took me an hour and a half to finish it. Not going to spoil anything because it’ll ruin the mood when you play it. It’s a good read honestly.


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