A Dream

Stuck in a never ending game of death and gore. I humored my  friends when they said I was stuck in a delusion. I trusted them because I couldn’t trust myself. Precious already fell victim to the doll’s curse.
Manipulation of memories. My memories from entering the game replaced. Discerning truth from lies…How can I do it?
My friends were there. I broke out of it. The very first. I’m lucky my friends are there.
We rode the jeepney. We past by two people who wore a hood. They were suspicious so we had to leave. We sent JM away to check it out.
Now that I think about it. It was stupid. We were forced to leave him as he couldn’t ride the jeep on time same with Sale.
He was wearing a priest uniform. It was lunch time then. We were the only ones that were in there. As we started to leave the vicinity, I kept shouting.
“Don’t come back! Don’t go back in there!”
Only when we reached our safe haven did I notice that Rica and Drake looked miserable. I grimaced.
I looked at my phone, contemplating whether to send him a message or not. It might ring or it might vibrate, alerting whoever was near him in.
Suddenly, I was texting his mother. Weird. When did I start to text her?
She told me it was safe to call him. I did. I could barely make out the words. So I dropped it and texted him. He said.
“The D ——- are cleaning the fridge. Is this where I shout extremely loud and charge the windows and run?”
His humor was misplaced at the time. He was going to die but he will not until I still have a say in it.
My body glowed and I immediately pierced my left hand with my pens. Watching as the blood pooled around him.
Immediately, I was watching JM as he was hauled off to a barn with his neck tied to a rabid wolf. I set to work, even if my mind was full of haze. 
I kept saying what to do. Then he suddenly turned into a wolf and pushed the other wolf over the wooden beam.
He was still tied to a post. He choked himself to grit the rope to a sharp edge and it fell. In a show of wit and acrobatics, he used the long rope to climb down from the sides of the barn.
In no time, the ropes were gone and he was outside. He doesn’t know where to go. I can’t alert him with a huge smoke. The D ——- will know where we are.
I could feel the haze slowly envelope my mind. I watched him turn into a cat as I pushed the memory of the road in his mind and what to do or not to do.
(Stick to the alleyways or the rooftops. You can sense them when they’re near. Hide. Ignore that corpse. They’re dead.)
Then I was pushed far, far away. 
Now I was back to our camp. The others surrounded me as the runes of light died down. I huffed and panted in exhaustion as I removed the pen from my hand, turning my gaze to Rica.
I weakly smiled and said, “He’s safe.” Before the full force of the pain and fatigue assaulted me. I could feel furry hands on my body before it slowly turned into a large one. Rica was sobbing and thanking whatever god out there that JM was safe.
I opened one eyes and indeed saw him there. I smirked, “You owe me one.” Before I let the darkness take me away.


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