[Anime Review] Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 31

Episode 30:

  • According to Ymir Christa already accepted death and saves others as an excuse for death.
  • Christa is the Illegitimate child from a noble family that can’t be their successor
  • As a result they want to kill Christa to finish the problem instead of making it bigger
  • Ymir claims to have the same story as Christa but different goals
  • YMIR IS ALSO A TITAN. and an ugly one that is…..
  •  Reiner has seems to hold a grudge at Ymir’s titan form
  • Mikasa badass as always
  • Eren sucks at using the manuvering gear
  • Christa’s real name is “Historia Reiss” (from the noble Reiss family)

Episode 31:

I couldn’t write in time :/.

Episode 31 “Warrior” based on the title of the episode and the thing Bertholdt mentioned about Reiner being a warrior I expected it from the start that it will be about Reiner.


Historia still beautiful.

Historia telling everything that happened thus far and convincing Hange tat Ymir is an ally due to the fact that Ymir tried to save them with no regard of her own life. (Although I think only because Christa is there).

Hange not really minding that Ymir could be an enemy said that she would prefer to have a trusting relationship with Ymir since she could have valuable information that maybe treasure for humanity.

Hange also told Historia that she hopes to get along with her that left Historia surprised as she was expecting a different treatment from her because of her background as an illegitimate child of a noble family.


This was funny TBH xD

Hannes appeared and informed the survey corps that they did not see a hole in any part of the wall even though titan has been spotted there which is supposed to be surprising but I think we already get the gist of what’s going on here (Conny’s village)

When the Survey Corps started to evacuate, Reiner stops Eren and ask him to stay a bit and they have something to talk about that is….


I don’t know if this should be funny or not

Reiner went and said it…. And he just talked about it casually like it’s an everyday situation. This was supposed to be funny but revealing a major thing just like that in the story is very jaw dropping.

Reiner after casually talking about their plans tries to bribe Eren in accompanying them to their “Homeland” in exchange that they will leave the other humans alone which is also confusing because he stated that their plan was the extinction of humanity


Mikasa looks more terrifying than the Titans

Then another flashback showing that Hange studying about the background of Annie, Reiner and Bertholdt which lead her to question the incident about the female titan.



Armin looks more like the female titan

Which Armin the smartass remembered all the detail about Reiner asking where Eren is, Reiner surviving the grasp of the female titan and the female titan looking at her palm when Reiner escaped figured all it out.

They weren’t a hundred percent sure, but they started to suspect Bertholdt and Reiner was involved in the whole female titan incident.

It was awesome how they made some minor details something big in the future, I wouldn’t suspect that Reiner has written something on the female titan’s palm.


Mikasa being a badass again and Erena being useless AGAIN

Eren then rejected the suprising offer of Reiner somehow made an impact on Reiner that I didn’t understand.

Reiner was blabbering about something that I think is related on how he ended up having the duty of the extinction of humanity.

“We were just kids… We didn’t know anything, If only I never knew that there were people like this, I wouldn’t have become such an incompetent piece of shit.”

It might have been that he was forced to do the things he done in the first place. And Reiner and Bertholdt are always saying things about “going home” and being all emotional when it comes to their homeland. It might have something to do with those.

As Reiner was about to make a move Mikasa suddenly attacked Reiner and Berthold ALMOST KILLING THEM.


Bertholdt always looking like he’s about to cry.

Reiner was able to repel Mikasa and successfully turned into their Titan forms taking Eren and Ymir with them as they try to escape.

Eren while reminiscing about the times he spent with Berholdt and Reiner turned into his Titan form after angrily shouting at both of them.


The last scene of the episode was awesome! everything turned into holy shit in an instant. And they just had to cut it their when everything was going great.

I still can’t move on on how Reiner just revealed their secret and plans to Eren. AND HE DID IT SO CASUALLY.

According to Reiner that their plan was to make humanity extinct so I don’t see why capturing Eren and Ymir is necessary when they can just destroy wall after wall.

And it is also not confirmed if Ymir had something to do with the 2 of them, In Episode 29 Reiner saw that Ymir can read a language that they aren’t supposed to be aware of.

I want another episode so bad now. 20 minutes isn’t going to cut it. trouble after trouble after trouble after trouble, They can’t just give us a time to breathe.

Hoping that the next episode will be worth the fucking wait. The cliffhanger in this episode was too much!


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