[Anime Review] DanMachi Sword Oratoria Episode 2

This came in waaaaay to late but i’m still going to do it!

Sword Oratoria Episode 2 (I’m going to call it sword oratoria from now on) so far hasn’t reeled me in when it comes to it’s plot it’s progressing quite slow. So far it only shows how badass and goofy the Loki familia are and also shows that this Lefiya has some affection towards Aiz.

I watched this because I wanted more Aiz TBH

Episode 2 has shown the following so far.

  • A few hints on what Aiz is worrying about
  • Aiz having a problem on how people sees her.
  • How goofy the Loki Familia are
  • Aiz dress up
  • Lefiya admires (More like likes) Aiz greatly
  • Loki harassing her female followers
  • A lot of comedic scenes


Like this for example. 

BTW Loki is a shapeshifter in Norse Mythology so he can be either a male disguising as a woman. :3.

Nevermind that. That wasn’t really important.


Hestia looks cute here to be honest.

What do you think of the opening song? I find it better than the first one.

The opening doesn’t really show any kinds of spoiler or hints that will leave you to some certain conclusions. The only thing there would be where Aiz is fighting with a red haired girl who is still unknown in the anime.

And also a glimpse of Aiz smiling while thinking about a boy that is similar to Bell but with black hair instead. He might the one that explains what Aiz said when she asked why is Bell trying to work hard on leveling up. Aiz claims that she also wanted to catch up with someone that really didn’t explain anything on the first season.


Loki updating Aiz’s stats

Finn, Riveria and an old guy that I don’t know is talking about Aiz and about her actions lately especially in battle as why she charges the enemy by herself most of the time.

According to Finn, Aiz wanted a Rank up and is worried that her stats number hardly go up no matter how hard she fought. Which would be the reason why Aiz is most of the time charging at the enemy singlehandedly.

Aiz is also the same as Bell both of them wanted to grow stronger as fast as they can. And both of them having the same reason but different person instead.

Riveria is troubled by Aiz’s personality which is having trouble thinking about others. Which is where Lefiya takes part in. also according to Finn this is where Lefiya will take part in.

I think Bell will also take part in this, Since Bell is the first person show in the anime that Aiz thinks about.


I don’t know why this anime is turning into Yuri all of a sudden.

Lefiya noticed that Aiz has something on her mind that is bothering her and wanted to help Aiz by cheering her up and supporting as much as she can. She gave a crystal drop (Which I assume is food to them) to Aiz while Aiz is left confused by Lefiya’s action.


Bell appearing for like 30 seconds

This is the part where Bete bad mouthing Bell at from the first season. But this time we can see how Aiz took what Bete was saying and also how she tried to stand up for him. It showed how Aiz looked irritated while she closed her fist during Bete bad mouthing Bell.

The reason why Aiz tried to stand up for Bell remains unknown in the Anime but there is this possibility that she sees herself in Bell, That she also wanted to stand with that someone she looks up to. Bete is almost trying to say that Aiz won’t accept being with a nobody like Bell.


While Aiz was still troubled about Bell running off Riveria went to talk to Aiz which led Aiz to the decision to apologize to Bell.

Riveria told Aiz that “You just have to find the words to say to him”. This has something to do with that “brooding personality” Riveria was talking about.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Aiz is beautiful no matter what dress she wears

Lefiya and the others decided to take Aiz out for shopping for Aiz to get a breather from her problems.

They went shopping and made Aiz wear a lot of different clothes (WHICH I ENJOYED A LOT).


Aiz at first thought that Lefiya went and gave her gifts because she felt doing it because Aiz was feeling down without her noticing it and apologized to Lefiya.

What she didn’t know is Lefiya wanted to be able to assist Aiz because Lefiya looks up to her and wanted to be of a support to her. Similar to Bell Cranel.

Tiona then told Aiz “Instead of saying sorry, Isn’t there a better word you could use right now?” (Which is similar to Riveria’s advice earlier.



I think that was the first step where Aiz will change. As she understood how Lefiya feels about her and was able to tell the “correct words” in response to people’s actions toward her.

Episode 2 really wasn’t that much but is enjoyable because of the comedic sides of the anime where we see how Loki and the two twins act. And especially the part where Lefiya is always unable to dodge Loki in her grope mode.

There is still no information about the things I wanted to know about Aiz such as who is this guy that she wants to catch up to and why did she wanted to catch up to him in the first place. And how come it looks like Bell.

And what I would appreciate is less Lefiya and more Aiz.  Aiz’s problems are still a mystery and I hope in the next episode we will get a more clear information about what is that thing bothering Aiz.







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