[Figure Review] FuRyu Love Live Sunshine!!

My package was finally delivered to my house! (I Actually I got it a week ago). DSC00395.JPG

So I bought 5 prize figurine from a shop called “Rakuten Global Market auc-toysanta” which I doubted at first because of it’s very cheap selling price. It only costed me $14 for each character. I bought 5 of them and it costed me $84 overall including the shipping fee.

It would have been more cheaper if I chose the no track thing option than the other. But it’s better to keep it safe than taking the risk to lose it all.

As I opened the box I found an envelope like thing inside of it is a receipt containing all the information of what I bought and where every bit of my money went to. It also showed the complete adress of both mine and theirs.

There is also a flyer inside the envelope. Just a regular flyer and information about their shop.

And also as you can see the inside were all covered up with japanese newspapers.

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Well this is my first time ordering multiple figurines at once and I was surprised to see that each and every box have bubble wraps attached to them and perfectly placed on them.

The box look really attractive especially when it’s all together.


So I don’t have a Gatorade bottle this time so I used this instead. The box is 24cm tall

And inside the box contains a cardboard to keep the figurine in place and the item covered in bubble wraps.


The Chika Figurine is separated into 3 parts: The hands, The base and Chika itself. (I know it is hard to see I suck at taking photos)

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The Chika Figurine captured Chika’s attitude perfectly as she does a pose like a happy go lucky person which very much suites her.

It also copied Chika very well it’s almost perfect if not it being a Prize Figurine.

The only fault here is her arms being detachable leaves a space that is visible but just give it a little push to lessen the gap and it will be fine.

Ruby figurine separated into two parts the base and Ruby itself.

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Although I do think that Hanamaru’s pose (you’ll see that later) will suit Ruby better because she is very known for her shyness and cuteness (Maybe?). But this pose also turned out good for Ruby.

No faults here surprisingly. It’s perfect for a prize figure. Not really sure if it’s really a Prize figure at this point.


Panty shot O_O

Similar to Chika, You figurine is separated into 3 parts but this time only one arm is separated.

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I like this pose out of all the five of them. Simple and attractive. Pure You

There’s no problem here that will catch our attention except the removable arm that is also leaving a small gap. Similar to Chika but if viewed from afar it’s most likely unnoticable.

Riko figurine separated into two parts the base and Riko itself. One of the best girls in Aquors!

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Riko’s pose really suits her, A very Umi like pose. Although I’m a bit dissapointed about the figure I got.


There’s this very visible crater like thing on her head that is pretty annoying. It’s like something got stuck on her hair while the paint was still wet.

I think not all Riko figures are like this. I’m just unlucky with the Riko figure I got.

DSC00477Also the line on her right shoulder is bad and there are some black stain in it which I tried to clean out and failed. It is unnoticable from frontview so it’s not really a problem.

There are also some faint paint spots on her hair. It’s not a problem if you face her front view.

And also the color of the hair doesn’t match hers in the anime. In the anime Riko’s hair is a dark red like while here it’s like dark violet (It could just be the light changing the hair’s color).

Hanamaru separated into two parts base and Hanamaru itself.

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Another shy pose by Hanamaru. Well.. It’s not really a shy pose more like a cute pose that I thought would be good for Ruby.

I take it back this pose fits Hanamaru more than Ruby.

No visible fault on the front side but the back part is another story.


Just a small crack thing on her hair which is really irritating if you look at it. Not a problem if you’re going to display her in front view.




So far I only got the five of them since the other 4 hasn’t been released yet when I ordered this but you can already tell that the 4 others will look great.

For a Prize Figurine I expected it to have a lot of faults and will look like a cheap figurine, You know.. The low quality ones. But no, They copied their faces perfectly that is rare from a prize figurine. These figurines are almost similar to the scaled figurines if not for the cheap materials in it and it’s plain base.


You can put their bases together like this which is very cool to do so. But.. It’ll get a little crampy.


Look at Chika, She looks like she’s pushing Riko and Ruby out of the way for her to be infront.

Well I think a little change of formation can fix that problem.


Used the bottle as a reference for their height.

So do I recommend you to buy these figurines? Absolutely!

They are one of the best prize figures I ever seen, FuRyu did an amazing job on this one it’s a must collect for me.

They are very cheap perfect for those who wants to collect them but doesn’t have a lot of money (Like me)

They might be the only figurines that wears their school uniform. I like collecting figurine that has their everyday attire in it (I don’t know why).

Though they are great but expect some minor faults like my Riko figurine that has this annoying thing on top of her head. Overall you won’t regret buying it.





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