[Anime Review] Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 29

Episode 27:

  • Sasha is Badass
  • Mom/Grandmother eating titan weirdest thing to watch
  • Armin figured something out
  • Connie’s village was trashed

Episode 28:

  • Villagers are nowhere to be found, Ran away on foot, Horses untouched, Supplies still complete, No blood was shed, Houses were destroyed, Titan talked (You figure out the rest)
  • Reiner deserves an Oscar. But he’s still an ass
  • There were no hole found on the wall (Connect this to the first bullet)
  • Pastor Nick deserves more than just a kick
  • Is Christa, Christa?
  • Christa is cute
  • Eren wants to learn “Harden”
  • WTF Beast Titan Climbing the wall

Episode 29:


The fuck is this supposed to be?!

This episode will be all about Reiner’s group again (forgot what they are called) and will not be about The main characters again. It’s not that much of a problem it’s good that we get to know the other characters as they discover some things with their own eyes about the titans.(Although Armin discovered more than them from the inside)

It’s good that we get to know the other characters but I want Mikasa to have more screen time damn it!

So it started when their group decided to camp on an abandoned tower like place for the night. They talked about some somethings like Connie worrying about the skinny titan he saw that somehow resembles his mother. and Christa blabbering somethings about the titans


Ymir was scavenging the abandoned supplies for food to survive the night when she saw a canned food with a symbol that are unable to read by the rest of the team. Well apparently Ymir can read it and accidentaly exposed it to Reiner that raised Reiner’s suspicions of her. I don’t know what’s up with that but all I know is that they aren’t supposed to know how to read those symbols.

Ymir was able to avoid the question due to a surprise attack by the titans. It is very unexpected because in Season 1 we were informed that Titans are only active in the day for unknown reasons.

While Reiner and the rest of the group aren’t armed their only choice is to protect the inside from invading titans.



If I saw something like this I would have blocked the door with everything I can see in my surroundings. Thank god we don’t live in this world

During the ambush Reiner takes lead and checks the other parts of the tower incase a titan has intruded inside.

There is something about Reiner and why he’s taking all this suicidal task for himself.


Reiner looks like he was older in this flashback than he is today

They have showed a little about Reiner’s past and how he was saved by that third man who is still unknown that might be relevant to who Reiner is now

Reiner also exclaimed to Berthold that they are going home no matter what that made Berthold smile and got a little powerup. This might become relevant in the future.



As they dealth with the first titan another titan suddenly appeared and attacks Connie, Reiner saved Connie resulting the titan to bite Reiners arm and what the actual hell.

Reiner lifted a fucking titan O_O. A good reason to fear this man from now on.


Holy shit ._.

A short funny scene where Christa being Christa (Kind and Cute) treats Reiner’s injury. She used a part of her clothes to patch up Reiner’s arm.


This was also my reaction


I actually have no idea what Bertholdt meant by this but what we do know is Reiner wasn’t who he is now. Must have something to do with that third person from Reiner’s flashback that somehow changed him.


While the one who were armed fighting off the titans a huge rock suddenly hit the top of the tower resulting the death of two members who were fighting off the titans.

I do have a couple of questions on what just happened

  • Where the heck did the huge rock come from? He was on the wall FFS
  • How the heck did he threw that rock from ontop of the wall to the tower? ITS TOO FAR AWAY



As they try to fight off the titans their effort was in vain as they were outnumbered and with the help of the Beast titan the titans received some kind of power ups making them all abnormal titans.

The only ones left were two characters named Gelgar and Nanaba which are now out of gas and out of blades.



I know it’s terrible of me to laugh at someone who is about to die and I do feel sorry about it but the most cruel one was the one who made him die like that.

Gelgar’s last regret that he wasn’t able to drink the booze he found before he dies. As he was threwn by the titan inside the tower he found a bottle of booze lying on the ground. He thanked the Gods that his last request was fulfilled but as he opened and attempts to drink the booze. IT WAS EMPTY!!.

I felt bad for him but I also laughed at the same time. I’m a horrible person



As there was no hope left for fighting off the titans. Reiner and the others are doomed to die by getting eaten by the titans. But Ymir took Connie’s knife and bid her farewell to Christa also telling her to take care of herself. As she jumped from the top of the tower to the direction where the titans are and cutting herself in the process to turn into a titan.

We all know by now that the titan shifters need to somehow injure themselves in order to turn into a titan.

Earlier we discovered that Ymir does know something and is involved in something unknown as she accidentally exposed herself to Reiner by reading the symbol on the can that they weren’t suppose to be able to read.

Holy shit counts: 5

I think the real question here is, What now!?

  • Christa related to the church
  • Ymir a titan
  • Beast titan descended from the wall
  • Connie and others still stuck

This season so far has been all “Holy shit” for me a lot of plot twist and mysteries. And every information about the titans in season 1 is kinda useless by now because as we know the titans shouldn’t be able to move at night. (or just feel powerless).

This anime never fails to blow my mind. And I still can’t move one from Reiner lifting a fucking titan.

I can’t wait till the next episode and I hope we all get informed about the real deal about the titans and other mysteries in this series.



3 thoughts on “[Anime Review] Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 29

  1. I remember how slow the first anime was that I actually just asked my friend to spoil the manga from where the 1st season left off.
    I’m kinda bummed now knowing the pacing of season 2 is a lot faster. Definitely a lot better than S1.
    Can’t wait for the next episode.


    • Well I can’t blame you there. 4 years for another season was too much wait for a series like AOT. Even I took a peek on the manga a bit.


      • It wasn’t the four year wait. It was the actual first season noticeably not progressing the plot and just crushing us with flashbacks. I guess it just leads to a smoother story down the line.
        Anyways, the woman crying “stop father, I won’t do it again” is messed up.


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