[Saekano Flat] Episode 2 Review


I was ecstatic to see Kasumigaoka Utaha at the very start of the episode, I assumed that Utaha will get a lot of screen time in this episode. And a lot of Utaha’s weird and funny plans for Tomoya.

Actually it was a let down (for me atleast) Utaha did get a lot of screentime but it just showed that she will be taking a time off from the the team “Blessing Software” since she has already finished her part in the game which is the story.

Not only that but Utaha also said that she also needed the time off to think about her future whether she will pursue studying in a school in Kansai which is far away from their place and a nearby school in their region.


Utaha asked Tomoya’s suggestion if whether she would choose to study on Kansai or the other one. (More like gave the choice to him) As Tomoya chose that Utaha should stay in their region due to that he doesn’t want to be the one who closes the possibility of them working together once again, Utaha told Tomoya to think about it again and gave a flashdrive to Tomoya containing another ending from the original one which changes the main heroine into Ruri (the main character’s younger sister in the game that I think represents Utaha).

I think Tomoya’s choice is already obvious if he gives any and it might mean that Utaha might go to that Kansai University thing in the future (Although I don’t want that). Utaha might be playing a huge role in the future episodes because what she did (the story thing) will be crucial to the game’s and also their team’s performance.


Also another company named “Rouge en Rouge” was shown in this episode revealing that it might be a rival company for the “Blessing Software” in the future. Well not might it will be their rival company.

Let’s go back to season 1 for a bit. “Rouge en Rouge” I think was already mentioned in the first season when the boy with Izumi (forgot the name) was scouting Eriri to join his company instead of Tomoya’s meaning he gave up on scouting Eriri and just took Izumi as the Illustrator for “Rouge en Rouge”.


Even though they look cool in this scene they are still no match for Kasumi Utako and Eri Kashiwagi, It’s already a given knowing that both the writer and illustrator for “Blessing Software” are already well known for their creations.

I would still love to see what will happen on the rivalry between the two but I do think that it will not be that much of a deal since knowing that both parties already know each other well and will only make it a friendly fight but I also do think that Eriri and Utaha’s pride won’t let them accept defeat.


Loved the fact that Episode 2 is already an Utaha-episode which means the possibility of Utaha earning a big role in the series is high. but also a downer in the end that Utaha might not appear in the next episode since her part is done and will be now focusing on her novel “Metronome in Love”. 

Also the duo of Kato and Eriri is pretty amusing they both have good chemistry and is very funny especially Kato being all cool while Eriri is overacting.

Lastly Tomoya being annoying while they read Utaha’s script is very funny xD.



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