[Anime Review] DanMachi Sword Oratoria Season 2 Episode 1

All I have been watching for the past week are sequels of anime I haven’t started on the new one. I can’t help it, it takes serious convincing to ones self to watch a new show.


Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka or in short DanMachi got another season! well not really, more like a spin-off. The story revolves around the Sword Princess Aiz Wallestein (best girl) instead of Bell Cranel the original MC of the series.


Although I thought this spin-off will be all about Aiz a new character (I don’t recognize her from the first anime) appears named Lefiya Virdis. A mage trained by Riveria who constatly runs her imagination wild during fights making her unable to complete to cast her spells. According to Riveria, Lefiya holds talent as a mage but it held back by her inexperience in battle.

Lefiya also admires Aiz and that I assume will be her motivation to become more stronger to be able to stand by her side without holding her back since she is most of the times saved by Aiz. Similar to our original MC Bell Cranel.


Episode 1 really isn’t much it only showed the new (i think) character Lefiya nothing about Aiz yet except that she can use a magic skill called “Tempest” that enhances her speed and deflects projectiles not only hers but she can also share that buff to someone else and it might be the only magic skill she can use.


Aiz’s Tempest skill

This episode also shows how badass the Loki familia really is by fighting off the sudden attack of random caterpilla monsters that invaded a safe area in the dungeon. And also how Overpowered Riveria really is O_O.

And finally (I forgot about this so i’ll just add it here) while the story was still focused on Lefiya being inexperience with party fights Riveria also stated that Aiz has her own problems in the party. As she was scolded by Finn (Midget leader) by disobeying his command and charging into the frontlines to fight the caterpillar monsters.


Lastly while the Loki familia is heading out of the dungeon they were ambushed by a group of minotaurs only to be destroyed by the Loki familia. After witnessing the strenght of the Loki familia the minotaurs fled to the beginner dungeons. And of course we know what happens next. The first encounter of Aiz and Bell where Aiz saves Bell from the runaway minotaur and the part where it all begun.

6.pngAiz pouting after Bell ran away from her

I was expecting Episode 1 to be more of Aiz and I expected that Sword Oratoria will revolve around Aiz’s point of view. Then suddenly a new (I think) character showed up. Lefiya.

Episode 1 was full of epic fight scenes (almost too much)

I didn’t like the first episode being about Lefiya (still can’t get over it) I wanted more Aiz! and episode 1 didn’t really show what their main objective will be before the season ends it’s all about character introductions.

DELETE LEFIYA!! I actually have no idea why they added another character instead of showing all of Aiz’s story. I might dislike her now but I think my mind would change in the future episodes. (I HOPE)


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