[Anime Review] Saekano Season 2 Episode 1

I was suppose to do the episode 00 of Saekano but I haven’t watch it yet since I thought episode 00 would only last for like 5-7 minutes. Well I was wrong xD


Saekano, Saenai heroine no sodate-kata, How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, Utaha best girl show, Whatever you call it Season 2.

I have been waiting for this since last year that it was announced that there will be a season 2 of this series, And it’s finally here! :D.

The first season was really nothing about the game they are making honestly, it only showed how Aki formed and strenghten his bond with his team members dealing with their past and present problems through his obsession with the game they are making :/. (that’s how I see it atleast)

Although it’s a Harem, I really love all the characters in it, Well except for the red haired rising artist girl the reason why Eriri got mad/jealous all of a sudden for. And the anime is Comedic in it’s own way that kept me watching.



Episode 1 started with Utaha (best girl) and Eriri fighting over some minor stuff with their game like they always do while Kato and Aki were talking about why those two always fight too much.

Well episode 1 is about those two. It will show you how they met and got to know each other and how they really feel about each other (not romantically o_o). Well of course we know that the MC Aki played a part on it. Actually he was the reason why they met and knew each others true identity.


It all started when Eriri confronted Utaha out of jealousy then started to badmouth Tomoya as he only talks to Utaha just because they share the same interest of the light novel called “Metronome in Love” without Eriri knowing that Utaha was the author of that novel.

Eriri also a big fan of “Metronome in Love” was shocked as she found out that Utaha was the author of the novel that she loved. Although admires the work of “Utako Kasumi” (Utaha’s pen name) and wants to acknowledge her skills as a writer by getting her autograph her pride won’t let her ask a favor from her rival in love.


After the encounter of the two Utaha did some research about Eriri on who she is to Tomoya and also including her daily lives since she sees her as suspicious, having a good standard in school and having some sort of connection with Tomoya.

Utaha went to the Arts club and forced her way into Eriri’s private room and intends to wait for her there until she comes. There Utaha saw Eriri’s hundreds of works and also knew about “Eri Kashiwagi” (Eriri’s Pen name).


Utaha this time initiating the confrontation between the two to ask why a great artist such as “Eri Kashiwagi” is hiding it from public. Eriri then states how her situation was when people identified her as an “otaku” and being forced to not talk to the only friend that understands her publicly to avoid her status in school.

Utaha understood where Eriri’s motivation on drawing came from, It was for so called revenge due to her frustrations of her childhood.

Eriri claims that Utaha had no motivation on writing and every reaction from the readers were all calculated or planned by Utaha. Utaha then states that “Even if their works were created out of revenge or calculation, If they’re moved by it, they lose.”

I personally think that no matter what the purpose behind that work is all that matters is how it will create an impact no matter what it was originated from. This was what it meant to me since Utaha was amazed by the last painting that she saw while she had no idea at first on where it originated from.

The talk between the two made them further understand each other and secretly liking the works of each other, While they do like each other’s works they both don’t want to acknowledge it since they see themselves as rivals for our MC Tomoya and their pride wont allow them to acknowledge their works.

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Back to the present time. Tomoya suddenly asked for an autograph card from them both with Eriri’s illustration  as a remembrance of the awesome collaboration of “Eri Kashiwagi” and “Utako Kasumi”. Then Kato also asked for their autographs claiming that she also wanted one.

As Kato goes out to buy another sign board Utaha lowers her pride and asked Kato to buy one more sign board for her, And suddenly Eriri did the same. Both of them indirectly asked for each other’s autograph and the first time where they also show that no matter how many times they fight they both admire each other’s works.

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I still want Ms. Eriri’s drawing (2nd pic) to become a real character O_O

The new opening for season 2 is great! The animation of the opening looks better than the first and the music is also great. It’s on par with the first opening song of Saekano but I liked the first one more. (Well I don’t know, Give me more time to decide on the two ._.)

I didn’t expect the first episode to become another backstory at all. Although I did enjoy it now we get to know how the two of them met since at the first season both Eriri and Utaha already knew each other before Tomoya selfishly asked both of them to work together to make his dream game.

Tomoya was the reason behind this if it weren’t for him both of them could have been better friends if they somehow met. They became rivals just because of our MC Tomoya ._.

I really liked what Utaha stated that “Even if their works were created out of revenge or calculation, If they’re moved by it, they lose.” Although I didn’t get the specific meaning of that line it still made an impact on me.

Episode 1 was okay, Although I was expecting more about the game they are making than a flashback between the two. I liked how the two of them indirectly asked for each others autograph while still keeping their pride.

I do hope Episode 2 will be more all four of them. Episode 1 lacks of Tomoya and Kato. I wanted all of them to get much screentime as possible. There is also no clear goal for the Season 2 yet such as giving any hints on how season 2 will end. I do hope this isn’t going to be like Nisekoi’s season 2 where only random things happen and random characters starts appearing.


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