[Game review] Moe! Ninja Girls

Actually what the fuck am I doing with my life?


Moe! Ninja Girls a mobile visual novel game. A story about a transfer student (You) who was actually a Legendary Ninja enrolled to school in order to have an ordinary and peaceful highschool life avoiding the way of the ninja’s

As he lives his days in school he will meet a bunch of girls that I assume are not Ninjas (I have no idea why it’s called Ninja Girls though) which is basically his harem. And one male friend that is only used for the laughs but also reliable.



Moe! Ninja Girls is a weird Visual Novel game that focuses more on stories or I can just say that it’s more on reading than playing and it requires energy (or tickets as it is called in the game) for you to advance the story. (sucks right?) What’s worst is you only get 1 energy every 3 hours O_O


And there’s this HUD that looks similar to Love Live! School Idol Project game and a lot of confusing in game currencies. You can collect the girl’s costume and use your coins for the Gacha (of course it’s RNG) to get you some random goods for the Ninja Fight.

Don’t get your hopes up. The Ninja Fight is also RNG. All you do press a single button and choose the opponent you will be fighting with and the rest is up to luck. There are also Stats and Levels in Ninja fight most stats comes from costumes and accessories that you can get for free or buy with real money.

Game Performance (Atleast for me):


BEST GIRL! (for now)

  • The game is laggy but tolerable and playable although the loading makes me impatient because everytime I press a button I have to wait like 5-7 seconds for me to get to it e.g Going to the present box takes me 5 seconds to see what’s inside 
  • The text also lags but I don’t think the text movement for the story is really that important.
  • The BGM of the game is fine and simple.
  • The art is AMAZING.
  • The choices aren’t really that hard to know who’s girl it will affect.

Overall Impression:


I got baited by the art. And it was the right choice to download this game. Although it has a lot of faults the story is actually entertaining and weird at the same time. Who the heck would search ninjas in today’s society?

Although it has a good story it takes 3 hours to get 1 ticket to see only 1 scene that takes like a minute to read.(3 hours for 1 minute It’s not worth at all) The scenes will always leave you hanging of course.

The story seems very short as it only haves 4 seasons at the moment. but it’ll take you a lot of time to finish it because of the 3 hour for 1 minute scene energy thing.

The story is funny, it will atleast make you smile like an idiot while playing this game. (I know I did) It’s a shame it has no voice overs.

The game is perfect for those who have nothing else to do in life (like me) It’s not that good but also not a bad game (because of the story and girls) I’m assuming that there’s an ending for each girl since there are affection bars involved for every choice you make. I would recommend you to try this game if you have the chance. It’s not all that bad

I think i’ll give it a 5/10 rating since it’s still very faulty (long loadings and lags). But it’s a nice game to have with nice characters and stories just that I would recommend not to buy anything with real money just to advance the story. It’s really not worth it. Just wait for 3 hours for the laughs in the game.

Update 4/7/17

Moe! Ninja Girls can also be played in Facebook it runs more smoothly there than in my Android







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