[Anime Review] Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 26

4 years of waiting finally over huh? Good thing I just watched the 1st season last year and I didn’t have to wait that long xD

But also I am one of those people that really wanted Attack on Titan to have a second season. I didn’t watch Attack on Titan when it was released since 2013 was the time I was still into ecchi+harem type of anime. And also because it was mainstream

But now that I have watched Attack on Titan I can finally say that AOT is one of the BEST OUT THERE! HOW CAN PEOPLE HATE THIS, The drama! The twists! The Soundtracks! and people dying in vain.

I don’t really expect that the season 2 will give the same impact as the first one since from the 4 years of waiting I’m assuming we all have took a peek on the manga and see what will happen and already have an idea on what will happen in this season.


SASAGEYO! SASAGEYO! Klsjf&^@#$odih Sasageyo!~ 

Oh god another great song by Linked Horizon, The opening animation was also badass itself being spoiler free (I think) and full of action already.

Although one part of the opening made me confused:


Why the fuck are there extinct animals with the Beast titan? Also how come fish/whales are moving freely on air? The idea would be horrifying if this actually happened on the Anime.


First time I saw Hange being badass, What a way to start the second season immediately confusing the viewers that the walls actually have titans residing on it. Pastor Nick here immediately asked Hange to not let the sunlight touch the titan when they saw the wall titan. Hange enraged as she wants explanations on why a titan is residing on the wall.

Nick kept hiding the truth about the wall even though Hange threatened him by throwing him off the walls. He was ready to die with the truth hidden with him.


Really now, What the heck is happening!?!


Now we see our two favorite idiots in the anime. Sasha still looks fantastic though.

As they were told to be on standby Sasha and her instincts heard a thud that sounds like a Titan’s footsteps, And of course the people did not believe it at first until someone named Nanaba told that there are titans approaching from the south where Connie’s village is located.


Connie very concerned about his village asking that he’ll guide them to nearby villages but let him visit his village afterwards.

Mike accepted and appointed Connie as the one who will guide the southern team to nearby villages. Reiner and Bertholdt decided to come with Connie as Reiner told Connie earlier that he would help him nonetheless.


The titans really look more terrifying than usual.




When the titans started sprinting (that they don’t usually do) Mike used himself as a bait to buy time for the others to escape. As he was about to kill the first titan, The scene changed from that to Eren recalling some words from his mother.


“No matter how cruel someone is or how much you hate them, you can’t always charge at them head on” 

I don’t get the reason but I think this is his mom telling him to be mature and restrain himself from doing suicidal stunts like risking his life while battling the female titan at the last season.


How can you sleep like that? O_O Best girl skills?

A short scene that shows the main characters and Armin (not sure if he’s a main character) nothing really important here

There’s also a short scene for Levi and Erwin hoping that Mike will handle the situation regarding the titan on wall rose.


Holy shit the beast titan looks terrifying as fuck.

While Mike is buying time for the others he saw an unusual titan that is covered in fur. And that is the Beast Titan. As Mike’s horse was about to arrive the Beast titan grabbed the horse and threw it into Mike’s direction. Mike dodged and a titan catches Mike’s leg using it’s mouth as Mike falls down from the roof.

Beast Titan approaches him while Mike is still in disbelief that he encountered a titan that can speak and act like a human being. Beast titan took Mike’s 3D maneuvering gear because he was curious on how that thing works.(Guessing that he’ll make a countermeasure for it)


The Beast Titan now then leaves Mike without the gear and ordering the titan to continue as they please. Mike was being devoured merciless by the titans as he begs for his life losing his composure that he was known for.

Dang, First death of the season, And it had to be one of the badass characters. The first episode was already full of twists. I’m guessing that there are more shits to come since nothing has really started yet.

To sum it all up:

Beast Titan’s power is still unknown, Yeah he can think and talk like a human but I’m guessing his not just an ordinary fur coated titan.

Wall Rose. It is not confirmed yet if it really was breached or not. The episode only showed how they will evacuate the nearby villages.

Pastor Nick. This shit still haven’t told us anything about the walls. I’m guessing he will be important for the future episodes of this season.


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