[Anime Review] Kuzu no Honkai Episode 12 FINALE

LAST EPISODE! LAST EPISODE! Got the chance to watch it finally!!

And it looks like it’s going to end with a festival thing, And judging how the way things ended with Mugi’s confession and also Hanabi’s I think we all have the same idea on how this will end.


The Last Episode started with Hanabi seeing Mugi passing by, Startled since she hadn’t seen her after damned Mugi didn’t show up when Hanabi was waiting at the Park. (was it a park though? I can’t recall)


Perfect Image of Mugi. Hanabi whispers his name when she saw him pass by, It might be showing that Hanabi is starting to have feelings for Mugi since it’s like she wants to talk ti Mugi but is unable to because of the incident of Mugi when he didn’t show up. (Or did she already had feelings for Mugi? I CAN’T REMEMBER!)


Stupid idiot Kanai came and told Hanabi about his wedding with Akane IN PERSON. FUCKING IN PERSON.Well I don’t know if it’s right or wrong but it’s like he’s making the wound more deeper than it should suppose to be.

Good thing Hanabi already saw this coming but the pain is still within her, Seeing someone you loved being taken away from you, And a scumbag that didn’t show up when he needed to.




This is not just making the wound deeper, It’s more like adding salt to a deep wound without you being allowed to scream. Kanai is the reason why the anime is called “Scum’s wish” , I don’t care what anyone else thinks Kanai IS THE SCUM HERE.

If I would rank the most scum person in the history of anime it would be like this

  1. Kanai
  2. (School days protagonist)
  3. Oberon (SAO)

Kidding aside, but seriously. How could you?


Moca looks horrifying, the heck!?

As Hanabi was looking for something to do she randomly enters a room that will be doing a fashion show. The two of them didn’t really interact but Hanabi remembered Moca stating that He loved Mugi more and longer that’s why she feels refreshed also stating that Hanabi will understand once she does something for her own.

Moca seems to be doing well even without Mugi as she entered the fashion show assuming it was her own decision to join it and Was able to pull it off confidently and it seems she is gaining more friends as shown when they asked about her dress.


Hanabi’s voice is actually cute and it’s even more cuter in this 20 second scene when she was very clueless on what to do and confused as she was being ordered by some girl that didn’t get enough sleep from preparing for the festival.

Nothing much really happened here except this part:


Yeah they saw each other, hooray! Well they didn’t talk to each other yet. Surprisingly there’s no light porn that happened too.

The scene changed into when Hanabi and her class was preparing the room to congratulate the engagement of their teachers (Oh boy).


Red haired pervert enters the scene as random guy was trying to hit on Hanabi. Hanabi was asked by No Sleep Girl to put some stuff into the storage area while a random guy offers to help Hanabi.


Well random guy, that’s what you get for hitting on the main character. He looks like Adachi from Persona 4 though


Okay, now I feel bad for him….


Red haired girl and Hanabi had a short reunion where we see how Sanae really felt about encountering Hanabi. It showed that she really had feelings for Hanabi. ( I wasn’t convinced until I saw this xD) She was finally able to talk to Hanabi even after the pain she went through when Hanabi rejected her.

It looks like she finally got over it and still stayed good friends with Hanabi, On her last scene I think we can say that she finally accepted reality and went with it.


Good bye Red haired pervert girl


What I have been waiting for, Akane! I wanted to see Hanabi to get the chance to talk with the NEW Akane, To see why Son of a bitch Kanai chose her in even though he knew of her true personality.

10.png Mind your own damn business. People, avoid doing this please.


The encounter between the two is also very quick a short conversation and a little insult with a huge lesson from a teacher. Akane hints that make sure “he” (Mugi?) doesn’t get stolen this time.

I loved this short encounter, Akane still treats Hanabi the same way but with a different aim this time, and it’s to actually advise something to Hanabi.

It showed that Akane really had changed from the person that seeks the despair of others to this person that helped Hanabi in her own way of doing. As for the cheating part of her… Well no one knows but I think Kanai is fine with her cheating.

The background music will touch your heart here, God it was perfect!

As Hanabi finally finished the encounters to the people that got affected by them and saw how they have changed and accepted their current lives she finally got the chance to see and talk to Mugi.

As they talk to each other Hanabi start thinking about a lot of things from the beggining, When she was just dating Mugi as a Substitute for Kanai until she finally realized that she didn’t want to be alone.

They wanted to find true love, Not just love that only comforts you because you have no one else to cling to. Hanabi is satisfied by simply talking to Mugi

“I don’t want to be apart,I don’t want to let go anymore,I want to hold you,I don’t want things to end, Don’t let me go, I don’t want it to end, But, Goodbye.”
I did not expect this at all, I was expecting them to have a happy reunion and end up with each other.

The main reason they went out with each other was a substitute for the ones they loved. It is only a sense of need or not wanting to be alone. It is not the “True love” that they desire so they had to break up.

I think I preferred this ending than what I thought it would be. A bittersweet ending like this can be also good especially when we saw that finally Mugi and Hanabi was drastically changed from the person they were before to the person that they are now.


Kuzu no Honkai would be one of my top anime. The perfect background music, The precise timing of music especially the ending and the story itself. It not only showed the perspective of the main characters but also the side characters that are affected by them. As we see how they build their character and move on with their lives with somehow changing from “Scum” to a person with value by experiencing pain from their first love. The so called “Light porn” in it just make it more realistic and showing the true feelings of each characters.

It is a weird anime for me but this is one of the best out there. though you should watch it privately since it is pretty dramatic and drama is more effective when you’re thinking more clearly about it in my opinion.

I would rate this anime a 9/10 for me if only it didn’t feel like it was rushed as we only saw a glimpse on how the other characters had changed not only that but some other parts in the whole series aswell . But everything else for me was perfect!

As for Hanabi and Mugi they might have separated for now but, It is not “Impossible” for them to find that “True love” with each other. I still wanted them to end up together but in the right way and time. We can only hope 🙂


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