Night Sky

A step and another. The world seemed bigger than it normally would. She looked to the side as a breeze blew her wind slightly. She smiled softly.

“Hey, Ric.” Her voice was the sole sound atop the cliff, barring the whistle of the wind. A boy was trailing behind her, huffing. He looked up, peering through the sun’s rays.

“Sister?” He asked after a few seconds. The woman only sighed, her smile still present.

“Come over here, Ric.” She beckoned. The boy frowned but heeded her words. He took each step cautiously as he reached her side.

“Look up.” He did and blinked.

It was hot, sweltering even but the wind gave them moments of reprieve every now and then. Until the very edge of the horizon, he saw multiple places -biome, he remembers- and her sister ruffled his hair at his expression.

He moved her hand away and continued looking over the region. Multiple biomes were visible in their place. He wondered if the rest of the world is like this, how many biomes placed close near each other.

“Don’t let this bother you, Ric.” Her sister laughed and he looked at her. Her eyes were as kind and warm as did any other day but it was twinkling somewhat. “They aren’t placed nearby each other as you think it may be.”

“But, they are.” One biome was the size of his hand before it was surrounded by multiple others. It wasn’t an accurate representation, he knew, but it was all he could use as measurement.

“Ah, the world seems like a small place,” She hummed, “Did you think as so?”

Ric knitted his eyebrows, still looking at her pondering about her words. The woman’s form seemed to flicker.

“It’s all about what you see and feel.” She continued, her voice sounding far away. The sun glowed ever brighter. He was forced to shield his eyes with his arm as he maintained his gaze at her. She turned towards him.

“See the world for yourself and judge whether it really is small, or big.” Ric shied away from her. The sun’s rays growing far too overbearing. A gust of wind flew past and the sun’s heat weakened. He looked back. She was no longer there.

At the moment, there is another blog with this same story. That blog is abandoned as far as I know.


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