[Anime Review] Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 29

Episode 27: Sasha is Badass Mom/Grandmother eating titan weirdest thing to watch Armin figured something out Connie's village was trashed Episode 28: Villagers are nowhere to be found, Ran away on foot, Horses untouched, Supplies still complete, No blood was shed, Houses were destroyed, Titan talked (You figure out the rest) Reiner deserves an Oscar. … Continue reading [Anime Review] Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 29


What ifs

Silently, he enters the room. His face was blank but it morphs to a smile as he sees the others. He cozes with the others quickly, laughing as the rest starts to enter the conversation. Soon, the topic's turned differently from what he started. He blinks, his smile faltering. He laughs, forced as he excuses … Continue reading What ifs