[Anime Review] Kuzu no Honkai Episode 11

I wasn’t planning on writing an anime review this soon but this episode just hit me. The part where Mugi said that “If I can’t make them change, then I don’t want to see someone else change you” It made me think and I too also think that way.

This episode is about Minagawa Akane (True Bitch-sensei) how she views herself and feels when he sleeps with another man to another to another to another and so on.

1It started when suddenly Akane told Narumi Kanai (Onii-san) a condition for their next date which is to spend the night with each other during that date (Lucky bastard). I feel as if this part was rushed since in the last episode it showed no sign of them being on a date.

Well except the part that Minagawa said “No” when Kanai asked her if that was their last date.


The cringe starts here (I easily get cringed). Oh how I hate Kanai for being like this. easily panicked when it comes to Minagawa and suddenly blurting out random things. I don’t even know why Hanabi likes this person again.


The main character finally appeared, for about a minute. Yes she’s the main character for those who forgotten her for the past 2 episodes.

Hanabi got 1 minute screentime talking with her classmates about something THAT IS REALLY POINTLESS!!.

Hanabi’s classmates asked her why isn’t she spending more time with Mugi anymore. And Hanabi just told them that “it’s better if they don’t see each other for now” THATS IT! END OF MC’S SCREENTIME!


Finally for the first time Kanai went on a date with the REAL Akane with him fully knowing that she is a bona fide bitch-sensei and Akane showing her true personality to Kanai for once.

I prefer Akane in her bitch mode than the facade she puts on. You don’t see a beautiful wretched,deceiving woman a lot (I think..) And it shows that during this time is that she is confused WHICH IS VERY RARE.



Yeah, Well that’s Kanai for you. A real letdown

Akane’s dere mode, Just by this scene I think this is my favorite episode so far. Wasn’t expecting a slut to react this way especially to a man that she can’t stand.

Finally a serious conversation that doesn’t include light porn in it. They had their talk with the thing Kanai did during the last episode which Akane is confused for during half this episode.


First of all I just wanted to say that the second pic IS A LIE. I DON’T WANT TO BELIEVE IT. NO ONE WILL THINK THIS WAY. DON’T BELIEVE IT!

As Kanai stated the obvious which should have no effect, Did affect our Bitch-sensei since he did it in such a surprising way (well, not really) As it was very saddening since you can feel that those are what Akane wanted to hear all this time.

You know the thing I said earlier? No light porn? I think I might want to take that back…


Oh look! It’s the MC. +5 seconds screentime for her then.


Not sure how I should react here. When Akane showed her true self at the previous episodes I was expecting Kanai to have a bad ending. I did not expect their relationship to turn like this.


And of course there’s always a condition.


THE CHEATING STARTS RIGHT AWAY. We all know that this was going to be the last date for Mugi and Akane.

The part where Akane having a date with Mugi is where Mugi tries to find what he truly feels about his teacher. As he recall the words of her teacher in the past and witness the new Akane that he started to find out what his true feelings are.


I really loved the last part. Especially when Mugi found out and told Akane on what he truly feels. He finally let go even though it was very painful for him to do so.

The part where Mugi says his farewell to his teacher and the perfect entrance of the ending song combined that it became a mini feel train.

Also I finally get why they did a story for Minagawa, for me it’s to see how Mugi finds his true feelings and develop his character for the REAL ENDING which is with Hanabi (I hope, I’m also not sure)

This byfar is the best episode for me. We got to see something from a slut’s perspective and that how I was wrong for thinking that Akane and Kanai won’t end up with each other.

Sadly, This might be the last scene for Akane. But I hope the last episode will give a much more bigger impact than this one, But I don’t think a 20+ minutes episode is going to wrap things up,but i’m still hoping for the best.

And there you have it! my perspective for Kuzu no Honkai’s 11th episode. I wasn’t really planning on doing this but I suddenly felt the urge to after watching it xD. Thanks for taking the time to read.


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