Mostly on what I plan to do

Hello, I am a starting collector for anime figurines and I’m taking a joy out of doing this even though it is a very expensive hobby. I have collected 7 figurines so far and it’s still not enough. Aside from collecting figurine of course I also watch anime (should be a given already since I collect anime figurine) I started watching at year 2012 when a friend of mine convinced me to watch one anime that he liked. I loved that anime and rewatched it like 5 times before my friend convinced me again to watch another one. I also play games but I really can’t call myself a gamer since I play it for the story and characters and it takes me a lot of time to finish 1 game. I currently collect Ps vita games and Try to get the platinum trophies on the games I buy. I chose the vita because almost everyone says it’s shit or they don’t know about the system I wanted to find out why they call it shit.

I use “Mikzeru” as my name online It came from my childhood trying to make my name japanese without knowing anything yet. I just thought it was a cool and unique name so I brought it up to today using it for online games and anything on the net.

The reason me creating this blog is I wanted to make something like a log for my figurines but I also wanted to share my opinions and insights about them. And I also want someone to share it with. This blog won’t be limited to just figurines I also plan to add something related to the games I play and animes I watch. It’s fun to share things especially your insights to other people especially to the topics that you are interested in.

So It’s my first time doing something like this and I’m pretty sure i’m going to do stupid things a lot but I’ll worry about it when I get there. But for now it’s just about random things I do in my life.


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