[Figure Review] KonoSuba SEGA Megumin

I’m going to start with a cheap figurine first I present you my SEGA Megumin Figurine I bought her from a hobby toyshop called Onegai Onii-chan Japanese Hobby Shop for the price of P1300 ($25) it’s not anything great but all that matters is the character gets a figure.

I bought this instead of the bellfine figurine because the bellfine one doesn’t have her staff. which means no EXPLOOOOOSION!!. And also SEGA made prize figurine for the other 2 girls unlike bellfine that only haves Aqua and Megumin. Konosuba isn’t complete without the three of them. Sadly Kazuma has no figurine

I already Unboxed it because I was so excited to check her out (Oops!) , Here’s a picture of the box instead.

Please don’t mind the background our house is too small >,>. I have no idea if the box especially from a prize figurine should be this big. I’m not complaining I’m just very surprised how big it is considering Megumin’s height.


I compared it to a large bottle of Gatorade just to show how big the box is. I have nothing else to use as a height checking material for this xD.



The Figurine comes in 5 pieces. The staff are separated into two pieces, The hat is detachable and can be easily removed by just bumping it. And also the tip of the staff can also be easily removed by just shaking the figurine. The base is pretty simple the design is just the Explosion skill that she is very well known for.


I find this figurine’s pose better than bellfine it gives more of a explosion vibe into in. Anyway the painting is fine and there are lost paint dots that are unnoticable when viewed from afar. as expected from a prize figure. There are a lot of paint overextending to other parts especially the yellow trims.

You can display it without the hat if you want. But it’s still better if she keeps the hat you wouldn’t want to decrease her magic stats by removing her hat. And also there are some faults on her head that you might want to conceal.


If you observe it carefully you can see some faint spots on her hair and a kinda like crack near the equator of the hair. Doesn’t really bother me since I can hide those by using her hat.


Behold, the faults. I only took a picture of those that are really visible. Let’s start off with the lines on her right foot, the one with the bandages. The line is way too obvious. It is meant to be there but it is kinda attention taking when looking at the figurine.

The torso part is not really a problem it’s just some little yellow dots scattered on her body.

The trim at the end of the cape is also not really a big problem also since you will be displaying it front view.Meaning the back won’t be noticed.

And lastly what I’m really worried about is that thing in her right shoulder. It may be visible on topview but it is still disturbing to think that it had this kind of damage.

And of course the bottom part. She wears a sorta black shorts? It doesn’t look like pantsu to me. So I’ll call it shorts then.



And there you have it my first review for a figurine. I’ll give it a 6/10. because it has a lot of flaws but atleast she has a good pose in this and her height doesn’t fit in with 1/8 scales, She looks tall when you put her near 1/8 scales. Do I recommend you buy it? Not really. If you want quality Bellfine is a better choice. Plus you’ll have Chomusuke and her eyepatch. Atleast this has her staff for her EXPLOSION magic.


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