[Anime Review] Kuzu no Honkai Episode 11

I wasn't planning on writing an anime review this soon but this episode just hit me. The part where Mugi said that "If I can't make them change, then I don't want to see someone else change you" It made me think and I too also think that way. This episode is about Minagawa Akane … Continue reading [Anime Review] Kuzu no Honkai Episode 11


[Figure Review] KonoSuba SEGA Megumin

I'm going to start with a cheap figurine first I present you my SEGA Megumin Figurine I bought her from a hobby toyshop called Onegai Onii-chan Japanese Hobby Shop for the price of P1300 ($25) it's not anything great but all that matters is the character gets a figure. I bought this instead of the bellfine … Continue reading [Figure Review] KonoSuba SEGA Megumin