i can’t remember

Vaguely- no, I know. I know that I've met people. People who changed my life. Left their mark. It can be anything. An unforgotten memory. A value that's desperately trying to assimilate in a life. My heart well with gratitude at the thought. These people- They changed my life! My life-! A small action they … Continue reading i can’t remember


Moe! Ninja Girls Walkthrough Season 5

Season 5: Checkpoints: 3.4 Checkpoint: Premium: Amulet Gold bell 200 Jewels Normal Amulet Silver Bell 150 Jewels/2500 Niney 4.6 Required Soul: 3500 5.9 Premium: Pink Papier-mâché Grenade 300 Jewels Normal: White Papier-mâché Grenade 150 Jewels/2500 Niney 6.7 Required Soul: 7000 7.9 Premium: Yellow Gorgeous for Thunder 450 Jewels Normal: Yellow for thunder 350 Jewels/5000 Niney 8.6 Required Soul: 12000 9.3 Premium: Rich … Continue reading Moe! Ninja Girls Walkthrough Season 5

i failed

My sister warned me. He was ambitious, always looking ahead. I admired that trait of him, no one could hold him down, chains of steel rusted to dust against him. She told me to be careful. I didn't listen. He left without a second thought. "You've done enough!" I remembered shouting at him, trying desperately … Continue reading i failed